Actors Boycott Georgia After Republican Wins, Get Nasty Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Several Hollywood actors have called for a boycott of Georgia’s film industry after Republican Brian Kemp officially won the state’s gubernatorial election. However, they all just got a nasty taste of their own medicine. As it turns out, two can play at the boycott game.

Liberal actress Alyssa Milano (inset) was among the entertainers who called for a boycott of business done in the state of Georgia after Republican Brian Kemp (background) was declared the winner of the gubernatorial election. (Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

According to The Daily Caller, the hashtag #boycottgeorgia began to trend after gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a former Democratic state representative and romance novelist, announced Friday that she would no longer challenge the election results.

Although Republican Brian Kemp won the election fair and square, celebrities still felt the need to take to social media and demand that the entertainment industry no longer does any business in Georgia.

“There are over 20 productions shooting in Georgia,” tweeted notoriously misguided feminist and Islamic-sympathizer Alyssa Milano. “Is the entertainment industry willing to support the economy of a totally corrupt state that suppresses democracy; where the winner isn’t the best choice for the people but the best schemer or crook?” she asked incredulously.

“To all my friends who are studio and network executives, if you choose to shoot movies and tv in Georgia, don’t bother to call me,” added Ron Perlman.

The people who actually pay to see those films, however, were not impressed, and they took to social media to let the actors know that we’ll all be just fine without them.

“People can survive without entertainment,” a Twitter user from Tennessee responded to Milano. “Entertainment can not survive without people. Real people that live in blue & red states. Real people that are D’s & R’s.Real people that have different views&ideas.Real people that can stop paying when entertainment is no longer entertaining.”

“Georgia is our neighbor state,” she added. “It is a beautiful state with wonderful people. To call it ‘totally corrupt’ is insulting to the good and decent people of Georgia, both Republican and Democrats alike.”

Others shared their dismay on Facebook. “The world would be a better place without you actors,” wrote Lillie Sanderson. “Get a real job and earn an honest living. We need doctors, nurses, fireman, police officers and many other people. But actors the world can live without.”

Gary Rogers noted that without filming in downtown areas, Georgians who work real jobs wouldn’t have to put up with nearly as much traffic. “Sure would be better on traffic,” wrote Rogers. “Those working downtown have to take a detour around to get to work because of closed roads due to filming. Traffic is bad enough.”

“Congratulations Georgia ..with luck Hollywood will ..this time ..keep their word …unlike their pledge to leave the US when Trump won,” joked another Facebook user, Bud Overheul.

At what point will these self-absorbed, out-of-touch, overpaid actors realize that their political opinions are the LAST thing we want to hear about? Most of the Democrat candidates, who were backed so ferociously by overzealous liberal entertainers, lost miserably. It would certainly appear that Milano and her ilk are doing the politicians they support more damage than they are good. Don’t they think it’s time to pack it up and go home yet?

Apparently not. Apparently, they are willing to continue torpedoing Democrats all so they can feed their massive egos. If I were running for office, I would tell these fanatics to stay away. They’re like a literal curse on a candidate’s political prospects.

Stacey Abrams lost, fair and square. That’s the nature of the democratic process — sometimes the Republicans win and sometimes the victory goes to the Democrats. It should be noted, however, that you didn’t see any conservatives waging boycotts when their candidates didn’t come out on top. That is a behavior which seems to be exhibited exclusively by those on the left. Interesting, isn’t it?

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