Obama Claims Trump Has ‘Mommy Issues’ & America Is Failing, Gets Big Reality Check

Barack Obama is once again lashing out at President Donald Trump, but this time he has gone too far. Speaking at the “Obama Summit” in Chicago Monday night, Barack suggested that Trump has “mommy issues” which makes him incapable of fixing America’s problems. Barack also claimed the United States was better off when he was in charge. The former president trashed Trump further, but it backfired as he got a big reality check. […]


Acosta’s Sweating Bullets, Sarah Sets Perfect Trap To Revoke Press Pass For Good

White House correspondent Jim Acosta thought he could breathe a sigh of relief after CNN got his “hard press pass” reinstated last week. CNN challenged the White House’s decision to revoke the leftist reporter’s “hard pass” in federal court, and it appeared that the judge ruled in their favor. Now, Acosta is sweating bullets after press secretary Sarah Sanders set a perfect trap to revoke his pass for good. You’ll love this. […]


Trumps Welcome WH Christmas Tree & Make Family’s ‘Cinderella Story’ Come True

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump welcomed the official Christmas tree which will be displayed in the White House. The 19 1/2 foot Fraser fir was brought to the steps of the North Portico by a horse-drawn carriage. The 100-year-old tradition of the first lady welcoming the traditional Christmas tree was a very special event for one family from Charlotte, North Carolina. The First Couple had just made their “Cinderella story” come true. […]


Michelle Attacks Trump & Says Barack Put Americans 1st — Instantly Regrets It

Michelle Obama continued on her big book tour over the weekend in Washington, D.C., and once again the former first lady trashed President Donald Trump. Michelle claimed her husband Barack Obama was by far a much better president than Trump. In fact, Michelle went so far as to claim that Barack always put Americans first and that the current president puts his own ego first. Well, Michelle was made to instantly regret that comparison. Don’t miss this. […]


CNN Should Stop Celebrating, Trump Just Gave Acosta Bad News About Future At WH

CNN and Jim Acosta were taking a victory lap on live TV after US District Judge Timothy Kelly, who was appointed to the bench by President Donald Trump, granted the network’s request to re-instate the grandstanding reporter’s press pass. But, the judge also made sure President Trump had a new way to make Acosta’s time at the White House a living hell. And the president just made that clear to the controversial reporter. Don’t miss this. […]


Michelle Trashes How Melania Handles Being FLOTUS On Jimmy Kimmel

Michelle Obama continued promoting her new memoir on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and once again the topic of First Lady Melania Trump came up. That isn’t too much of a surprise since the book excerpts that were released all centered on bashing President Donald Trump. Well, Michelle and Jimmy Kimmel had a big laugh over how Melania handles being the first lady. Now, the truth is coming out, making Michelle regret it. […]


Bette Midler Calls Melania ‘FLOTITS’ & Says Trump ‘Gases’ Kids, Now She Regrets It

Actress Bette Midler decided to nickname First Lady Melania Trump “FLOTITS” as she posted a pic of the first lady from her younger modeling days, hoping to degrade her. Then, the 72-year-old Midler also weighed in on President Donald Trump, claiming he was actually “gasing” kids on the border. Well, little did Midler know that sick jokes about the First Couple don’t play well around the country. Now, she is really regretting it. […]


Hillary’s Back In Hot Seat As Federal Judge Orders Her To ‘Come Clean’ On Emails

Hillary Clinton thought she had gotten off scot-free from the email scandal. Now, a federal judge is putting her back in the hot seat. In fact, now that Jeff Sessions is gone from the DOJ, it’s looking really bad for the Clintons. Not only will Hillary be in jeopardy, but so will former FBI Director James Comey and his cabal of deep state thugs who claimed the failed presidential candidate had committed no crimes. You’ll love this. […]


Michelle Caught In Sick ‘Money-Making’ Scheme On Tour, Fans Give Nasty Surprise

Michelle Obama launched her book tour at the United Center in Chicago. The former first lady was met on stage by her good buddy Oprah Winfrey, who proceeded to whip up the 14,000 plus packed crowd. They sat down to have a discussion about Michelle’s new memoir, and that’s when things went all wrong. Michelle’s die-hard fans caught her in a sick money-making scheme, and they gave her a nasty surprise. […]