Historical Society Slammed For Racism, Apologizes For ‘White’ Holiday Greeting

When the left is accused of saying “everything is racist,” it’s really no wonder why. A historical society sent out a greeting card, and it didn’t take long for liberals to notice one “troubling” detail and quickly cry racism.

Holiday greeting card (Photo Credit: The Dorchester Historical Society)

A Massachusetts historical society sent out a greeting card wishing for a “white” holiday, and liberals cried racism. They are apparently completely unaware that snow is white and pitched a fit. So, the historical society apologized and issued a new, less “racist” holiday card.

It’s only the end of November, but this year’s war on Christmas is already in full swing. It’s only a matter of time before the left is burning Bing Crosby in effigy for his song “White Christmas.” Time magazine brings a report from the front lines:

The Dorchester Historical Society has apologized after sending out a holiday card that some viewed as came under fire.

The Massachusetts-based society pulled all images of the card, which featured the words “We’re dreaming of a white Dorchester” alongside a photo of the historical society building inside a snow globe, from its social media pages on Monday after receiving backlash for the message.

WHDH found a Dorchester resident who explained the liberal position that it doesn’t really matter if something is actually racist as long as morons perceive it be, it is. “Racist or not racist. It depends on how you understand it, how you take it,” Kenny Okfor said.

Another local was a bit more outraged, expressing disbelief that the card was ever printed in the first place. “They should take more care about it, but they do whatever they want all the time,” Gilberto Perez said.

It seems like this guy is accusing The Dorchester Historical Society of a long string of racial misdeeds, doesn’t it?

This entire ridiculous episode played out on Twitter for all to see:

Yes, white is a race, but it’s also a color (or lack of color). A white sale isn’t bargains on white hoods and robes. Whitewater rapids don’t exclude minorities from barreling down in a raft. Barack Obama, the first African American US president, lived in the White House for 8 years and that didn’t make him the Grand Dragon of the KKK. Hell, Obama is a fan of the Chicago White Sox, and that isn’t a concern.

Like all things liberal, this comes with a healthy dose of selective outrage. The day after Thanksgiving is “Black Friday” and Walmart didn’t have to apologize for offering door-busters because they were promoting black power. Grocery stores across the country sell black-eyed peas, black olives, and black licorice without being accused of pushing a black separatist agenda.

It’s a “white” Christmas because of snow, not white supremacy. Everyone wants snow on the ground Christmas morning because it gives everything a comforting holiday feel. The world’s best selling single of all time is Bing Crosby’s version of “White Christmas” not because the world is racist but rather that people everywhere love the idea celebrating Christmas by building snowmen and doing snow angels.

Lost in all of the hysteria is the fact that the original card was already PCed into submission. The Dorchester Historical Society didn’t wish everyone a “White Christmas” because that would have been offensive to liberals who hate the holiday. They took the coward’s route of wishing a happy holiday, and they still got slammed for it. There is no pleasing the left, and it’s time everyone stops trying.

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