Hundreds Of Migrants Storm U.S. Border, Suddenly Feel Odd ‘Stinging’ Sensation

Hundreds of migrants tried to storm the U.S. border at the San Ysidro port of entry on Sunday. The migrants pushed past Mexican riot police and rushed toward the border, only to suddenly feel an odd “stinging” sensation, courtesy of the U.S. Border Patrol.

Hundreds of Central American migrants storm the U.S.-Mexico border. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Twitter)

If any of the Central American migrants who traveled in a thousands-strong caravan to the U.S.-Mexico border were under the impression that we would simply roll over and let them pass into our country, they were sorely mistaken. The migrants learned that lesson the hard way on Sunday, after they attempted to storm the border, only to feel a stinging sensation in their eyes when they were met with tear gas by authorities.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection in San Diego, California announced on Sunday morning that the San Ysidro port of entry going both northbound and southbound had been closed due to multiple planned demonstrations on both sides of the border. Additional personnel and resources were also deployed to the port of entry, and it’s a good thing, considering what unfolded the very same day.

Roughly 5,000 migrants were camped out in Tijuana as of this weekend hoping to enter the U.S. one way or another. On Sunday, they apparently got tired of waiting to do so legally and hundreds pushed past Mexican riot police and rushed toward the U.S. border in an attempt to infiltrate the country.

They were met with a nasty surprise, however, when tear gas was fired from the U.S. side of the border, according to ITV correspondent Emma Murphy. “Hundreds try to storm the border. Expect significant US response,” Murphy tweeted.

“Us military helicopters all over Mexican side of border now. Normal protocol bars this,” she added. “Some pushing right to fence shouting ‘yes we can’.”

“Migrants with children now scrambling up railway siding trying to reach us border thru mountain,” Murphy reported.

Considering the fact that Mexico has already offered these migrants asylum, free food, housing, education, and the opportunity to obtain gainful employment, it is truly maddening that they would put their own children in such grave danger simply to cross the border illegally and take advantage of the bevy of handouts offered in the U.S.

Hopefully, the tear gas was enough to deter these migrants from further advances. One thing is for certain — they do not want to become embroiled in a battle of wills with the U.S. military, especially with President Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief. Simply put, these migrants have picked a fight they cannot win.

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