Ivanka’s Private Email Account Is Not The Same As Hillary’s Private Email Scandal

The liberal media is in a frenzy after discovering that Ivanka Trump has used a private email account. They want you to believe it’s the same as Hillary Clinton’s private email scandal. But, it’s not. There’s some big differences everyone needs to know.

Ivan Trump (left), Hillary Clinton (right) (Photo Credit: Wikipedia public domain)

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a private email server to send and receive hundreds of pieces of classified information. This was against the rules and against the law, but thanks to some friendly Obama administration intervention, the FBI decided against prosecuting something they admitted was illegal.

Yesterday, The Washington Post breathlessly reported that President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka had used a private email account to conduct government business, and liberals went nuts over what they saw as hypocrisy. Trump has used Hillary’s email scandal to lead chants of “lock her up,” and liberals now want Ivanka locked up. The problem is, these two email situations are not the same.

The latest attack in the liberal media’s proxy war against President Trump had The Washington Post pretending like Ivanka Trump using a private email account was newsworthy:

Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails last year to White House aides, Cabinet officials and her assistants using a personal account, many of them in violation of federal records rules…

White House ethics officials learned of Trump’s repeated use of personal email when reviewing emails gathered last fall by five Cabinet agencies to respond to a public records lawsuit. That review revealed that throughout much of 2017, she often discussed or relayed official White House business using a private email account with a domain that she shares with her husband, Jared Kushner.

Shocked? Don’t be. This is the biggest nothing-burger on the menu, something the WaPo reluctantly admitted. According to Ivanka’s lawyer and ethics advisor, she used her private account to discuss government business until she was briefed that it was against the rules. Nothing she sent or received was classified and quite frankly barely qualifies as government business.

“While transitioning into government, after she was given an official account but until the White House provided her the same guidance they had given others who started before she did, Ms. Trump sometimes used her personal account, almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family,” said Ivanka’s spokesman.

Yeah, it sounds like she was using her private email account to set up travel plans for her family vacations. Also, when informed that she couldn’t use this account, she stopped and turned over all emails to be stored permanently with the White House records.

This is no big deal to anyone except for liberals who desperately want a redo on the 2016 presidential election:

Austin Evers, executive director of the liberal watchdog group American Oversight, whose record requests sparked the White House discovery, said it strained credulity that Trump’s daughter did not know that government officials should not use private emails for official business.

“There’s the obvious hypocrisy that her father ran on the misuse of personal email as a central tenet of his campaign. There is no reasonable suggestion that she didn’t know better. Clearly, everyone joining the Trump administration should have been on high alert about personal email use,” said Evers.

The only hypocrisy going on here is that liberals want Ivanka to get in trouble for emailing her family’s scheduling plans but don’t think Hillary did anything wrong by emailing top-secret government information. One of these things is an innocent mistake, and the other is espionage and treason.

Hillary set up a private email server in the bathroom of her house and used it instead of the secure email system at the State Department as required by law. Investigators found that she sent and received hundreds of pieces of classified information and shared these with people who didn’t have the security clearance to view them. She also deleted 30,000 emails instead of turning them over to the government. She had this private email server professionally erased and her staff literally destroyed her mobile devices with hammers.

Then-FBI Director James Comey admitted that all of that was illegal but recommend against prosecuting Hillary because he felt like she didn’t mean to break the law. The decision to not prosecute Hillary came after her husband Bill stalked then-AG Loretta Lynch and had a private “conversation” with her.

What makes this even dumber is, this “shocking” Ivanka email story is old news. Newsweek reported on this a year ago, and nobody went crazy over it then. Clearly, the left has run out of Trump-related nonsense to be outraged over and are digging through the archives to find anything they missed.

Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State who broke the law by sending classified information over an unsecured private email server. She should go to jail. Ivanka Trump is an unpaid White House advisor who broke a rule she didn’t know about by sending information about her family’s schedule. She should not have her name dragged through the mud because the liberal media hates her father.

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