Mattis Makes Bold Proclamation To Troops At Border Before They Confront Caravan

The U.S. military has been deployed to the border to stave off the thousands-strong caravan of Central American migrants intent on invading the country. On Wednesday, Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis traveled to Donna, Texas, where he made a bold proclamation to the brave men and women.

Defense Secretary James Mattis addresses troops deployed to Donna, Texas. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Defense Flash News/YouTube)

According to The Daily Caller, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen visited Donna, Texas on Wednesday to meet with troops deployed at the border. “We stand before you with mixed emotions,” Mattis told the troops.

The defense secretary told the brave men and women to carry on, despite having to be away from their families during the holiday season. Mattis went on to speak about loyalty and service, and about how the U.S. army serves as an example to the country as a whole. “This country may not be perfect,” he said. “But, the U.S. army is an example to the entire country.”

Mattis also discussed how hard it can be for troops not knowing when they are coming home. “The dynamic is unpredictable,” he said before noting the importance of the mission. “This country is very welcoming, but we have to carry out the law,” Mattis said.

“Border security is national security,” Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen added.

Defense Secretary James Mattis also spoke about his experiences serving his country overseas, discussing the adversity he and his fellow troops often faced and how loyalty to the country created a special bond that allowed them to overcome that adversity. Then, he gave them a very bold directive: “Loyalty only matters when there’s 100 reasons not to be loyal.”

Indeed, the brave men and women of our military have “100 reasons not to be loyal”; the mainstream media and the entire Democratic Party are pushing the narrative that we should just allow the migrant caravan to infiltrate our border. However, as Secretary Nielsen noted, that poses a grave national security risk.

None of the migrants headed for the border have been vetted, and some of them are dangerous criminals and gang members. That much was admitted by one of the migrants within the caravan, who told Fox News, “Criminals are everywhere. It’s criminals in here. It is. But it is not that many. It is good people here trying to get through Mexico and then get to the United States. It doesn’t mean that everybody is a criminal.”

While there are undoubtedly “good people” traveling with the migrant caravan, it only takes a handful of bad eggs to make a major, irreversible impact. The 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by only 19 men, yet still resulted in nearly 3,000 dead Americans.

And we already know that migrants from terror hotbeds have infiltrated the caravan. Independent reporter Sara Carter announced that people from India, Bangladesh, and Africa are part of the mob headed for the U.S. border. She made the startling discovery after searching through the throngs of immigrants herself in order to see exactly who was making the trek.

Adding to concerns is the fact that an estimated 90 percent of these migrants are grown men younger than the age of 35 — don’t let the mainstream media fool you into believing that the caravan is full of women and children. There are some women and children making the journey, but not many. The vast majority of the migrants are able-bodied men fully capable of holding a job and making a decent life in their home countries.

There are dangerous criminals traveling with the migrant caravan. Even those within the caravan admit this. Make no mistake, this is a national security emergency, even though the liberal media says otherwise. Please keep our military in your prayers as they prepare to take on the thousands of illegals headed for our border.

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