McCain Loves Sinema As Next Arizona Senator, Americans Make Meghan Regret It

Meghan McCain joined Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar in celebrating the next senator from Arizona, far- leftist Krysten Sinema. McCain says she really loves that Sinema transformed overnight into a “moderate Democrat.” Then, she blasted her challenger, Martha McSally. Why? Well, Ms. McCain whined that McSally didn’t mention her father John McCain. Now, Americans are making Meghan really regret supporting a rabid far-leftist. Don’t miss this.

Krysten Sinema (left), Meghan McCain (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Meghan McCain is deluded about her father. She is so dedicated to painting him as this American conservative icon. Driven by her hatred of President Donald Trump, Meghan officially jumped the shark into the lap of the Democratic machine today.

Tuesday morning on The View, Whoopi Goldberg introduced a segment called, “Sinema Makes History.” She started off by playing a video of Sinema invoking John McCain. The new Arizona Senator said, “Senator McCain is irreplaceable,” which Meghan just loved, but it also caused her to expose her true colors.

“I’m so excited I finally know who my new senator is…She’s the first openly bisexual senator ever,” Meghan began as she raved about Sinema. “When she was in Congress, she was very, very, very far left; completely moderated when she ran in the Senate. She came out supporting sending troops to the border,” Meghan continued. “I wouldn’t say she was supportive of President Trump, but she wouldn’t knock his supporters,” said McCain.

Then, Meghan got to the real issue that caused her to loathe Martha McSally. “[Sinema] was running against Martha McSally, who was a combat veteran for the Air Force. What’s interesting about Martha McSally is, after she won the primary, she went with President Trump and signed the defense bill, which was named in honor of my father, and refused to say my father’s name. To say that didn’t go over well with me and many Arizonans is to say it nicely,” said Meghan.

The 34-year-old daughter of John McCain went on to explain that she “hoped” Sinema would now be a moderate, which is an utterly delusional thought. Meghan McCain claims to be this astute political pundit, yet everyone with half a brain knows Krysten Sinema was playing a moderate to get elected. In fact, the new Arizona Senator has a shocking history, including promoting a terrorist lawyer.

Andy McCarthy, the federal prosecutor against Omar Abdel-Rahman, commonly known as “The Blind Sheikh,” exposed Sinema’s role. He explained Sinema aided and abetted Lynne Stewart, who was the attorney of “The Blind Sheikh” and was found guilty of aiding a known-terrorist.

McCarthy wrote, “I am thus in a position to counter Sinema’s misrepresentations about her advocacy on Stewart’s behalf. Kyrsten Sinema had promoted campus appearances by Lynne Stewart, a radical lawyer, while Stewart was being prosecuted for providing material support to terrorism. A leading light of the notoriously jihadist-friendly lawyer left, Sinema now portrays herself as a moderate progressive.

This story was all over the news, so Meghan McCain was well aware of these facts. Sinema told a radio host in 2003 that she didn’t object to individuals going abroad and fighting for groups hostile to the U.S. And, we must remember that, in 2003, America was still reeling from the 9/11 terror attacks. Our military was locked into battles with the Taliban while searching for Usama Bin Laden. So, Krysten Sinema proved she’s an extreme leftist and traitor.

Sinema also hates Arizona. “The states are the laboratory of democracy,” Sinema said in the speech to the liberal Netroots Nation conference. “And then my state – Arizona – is the clearly the meth lab of democracy.”

But, Meghan McCain was so excited about “Sinema honoring John McCain’s legacy,” she re-tweeted the new Arizona senator’s posts. That caused many Americans to be angry.

Dave Joyce responded to Meghan, tweeting, “I honestly have a hard time comprehending how a woman who rooted for the taliban can be a sitting senator. Boggles the mind. But the Left always boggles the mind.”

Karen Brown also responded to Meghan’s support of Sinema, posting, “Krysten just know that the whole country will be watching you to see if you live up to the things you just wrote! Nothing you have said previous to this leads us to believe you will. It is easy to talk a good game but living it is another story.”

Many Americans also pointed out to Meghan that, although she boasts of being a “true conservative,” the truth is she is now a leftist. Trump supporters are sick and tired of Meghan and her cohorts on The View painting our president as a racist, Nazi, xenophobe and every other derogatory name they can think of.

President Trump is delivering his campaign promises and continues to stay strong in the face of all the hate he receives. No one faults Meghan McCain for loving her father, but we do fault her for supporting a rabid far left idiot like Krysten Sinema.

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