Michelle Laughs About Trump’s Inauguration & Plays Race Card

Michelle Obama continues on her international book tour, and she just made a stop at the Boston Garden. The crowd listened as the former first lady once again turned her attention to President Donald Trump, which is interesting since her memoir, Becoming, has little to do with the president. Michelle laughed as she trashed Trump’s inauguration, taking cheap shots as she used the race card.

President Donald Trump (left), Michelle Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Michelle Obama’s memoir covers her entire life, but you wouldn’t know that if you attended one of her flashy book events. In fact, one would expect, by the former first ladies brief encounters with Trump, that she wouldn’t mention him at all. But, everyone knows the leftists love Trump-bashing, and Michelle doesn’t disappoint.

In the lead up to the international book tour, Michelle released excerpts of the memoir, and that didn’t go over so well. You see, the main subject of the excerpts she chose to release was President Donald Trump, and Michelle trashed the president in an unprecedented way.

In one of the excerpts, the 54-year-old former first lady used the race card, saying the president “deliberately meant to stir up the wingnuts and kooks,” when he spoke about the Obama Birther controversy years ago. “Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family’s safety at risk. And, for this I’d never forgive him,” wrote Obama.

Then, when she appeared with Oprah Winfrey in Chicago on the first stop of her book tour, the former first lady recounted how she cried like a baby after Trump got inaugurated. “When I got on the plane, I sobbed for 30 minutes,” she said. “I think it was just the release of eight years trying to do everything perfectly.” Michelle turned to her husband, who had just become a former president. “I said to Barack, ‘That was so hard, what we just did. That was so hard.’”

This brings us to her appearance at the Boston Garden. The leftist Boston Globe showered Mrs. Obama with praise, reporting, “She dispensed advice, was self-effacing, and in the conversation with former NPR host Michele Norris, she also had the Garden audience laughing, especially discussing her first impressions of the future president.”

And, those “first impressions” had to do with President Trump’s inauguration. She said, “Sitting on that stage for that inauguration was so drastically different from our two because our inauguration was more diverse,” she said. “There were people of all ages and all backgrounds, and, you know, the crowd — ”

The Boston Globe explains, “Obama left the thought unfinished. After about three seconds, the audience got the reference and broke into rapturous applause and laughter.”

The Obamas have been unprecedented in rendering attacks at their predecessors. Never in modern American history have we seen the former First Couple so blatantly attack the current president. The reason former presidents and first ladies refrain from leveling attacks has to do with respect for who the American electorate has chosen.

Clearly, Michelle Obama couldn’t care less about the outcome of the election. Selling her memoir and making millions comes before being a patriotic American. And, it’s quite telling that the former first lady continues to use the race card. Saying Barack’s inauguration was “more diverse” is a cheap shot. How does she know the ethnic make-up of the crowd?

And, when she says, “there were people of all ages and all backgrounds,” Michelle wants us to believe that the majority of the people in Trump’s inauguration crowd were white males. It’s getting a little old, the left’s trashing of Trump as a racist and a misogynist and claiming time and time again that Trump supporters are all white males.

Americans are really getting sick of it, and they let Michelle know they’re tired of her too. Twitter user Cheryl Metter tweets, “Trump’s Inauguration??? Two Years ago??? Stop stirring your evil pot …. Michelle Obama Slams Trump’s Inauguration Crowd: ‘My Husband’s was More Diverse.'”

Then, responding to Michelle’s book tour, Twitter user Larry Tezekijian posted, “HOW MUCH EFFING MONEY DOES ONE NEED?! 60 MIL BOOK DEAL? I STRUGGLE EVERY DAY TO FEED MY FAMILY & EXIST! IT’S SINFUL! WORKS FOR $1! THAT’S A REAL MAN!”

The former first lady signed a $60 million dollar deal, but that’s not all. Fox News host Laura Ingraham wrote, “This Michelle Obama book launch, when you really think about it, is just one more example of someone cashing in for trashing Donald Trump. And also, of course, it helps set the table for 2020.” She adds, “Now, remember, she wasn’t paid that huge advance that she got for her book to share fashion tips or pumpkin pie recipes, but to deliver body blows to Trump with a velvet glove.”

So, Michelle Obama’s covert mission with this memoir, besides making a boatload of cash, is to bash the president ahead of the 2020 election. And, the sick thing is the former first lady has no qualms about using her book tour to score cheap political points. Well, 63 million Americans soundly rejected her husband’s agenda in 2016, and this sad little attempt to sway Americans to go back to the Obama years doesn’t have a chance.

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