Michelle Wolf Ruined The WHCD, Next Year’s Host Was Just Announced

Comedian Michelle Wolf cemented her place in history by permanently ruining the White House Correspondent Dinner. At the WHCD earlier this year, Wolf was so raunchy and embarrassing that the event will now see major changes.

Michelle Wolf (Photo credit: screenshot WHCD)

Some people achieve immortality through art or contributions to society, while others get there by just being rotten. CNN’s Jim Acosta, for example, left his mark on history by inspiring the “Jim Acosta Rule,” dictating a code of conduct at White House press briefings by being a complete jerk.

Not to be outdone, pseudo-comedian Michelle Wolf cemented her place in history with her own awfulness. The previously unknown Wolf was so raunchy and embarrassing at the WHCD earlier this year, the event will now be hosted by a boring lecturer instead of a traditional comedian.

The White House Correspondent Dinner is an occasion for the White House press corps to get together and engage in some lighted-hearted ribbing with the President and other policymakers. At least that’s what it was before Trump. With a hostile liberal press, President Trump has skipped the first two WHCDs of his presidency, and this proved to be a solid decision. The dinner has turned into a mean-spirited Trump-bashing event, and the 2018 edition was particularly vicious.

Michelle Wolf hosted the WHCD last April and used it to roast President Trump in absentia. “Roasting” is perhaps a kind estimation of what Wolfe unleashed as she did nothing but make toilet-quality jokes about Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. This performance was so embarrassing that even members of the liberal media like WaPo’s Maggie Haberman and NYT’s Peter Baker called Wolf out.

The simple solution is to simply not invite Wolf back for the 2019 WHCD (her 15 minutes are up anyway) and get a less disgusting comedian to host. The last dinner was a such a debacle, however, that organizers are going to the other extreme to ensure there will be no repeat. In a press release, the WHC Association has announced the 2019 dinner will be hosted by “the least interesting man in the world.”

The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) is pleased to announce that Ron Chernow, one of the most eminent biographers of American presidents and statesmen, will be the featured speaker at its annual dinner on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

Chernow was written several books about US presidents, but apparently, that isn’t boring enough, so he’s going to be at the WHCD, scolding people about the 1st Amendment.

“The White House Correspondents’ Association has asked me to make the case for the First Amendment and I am happy to oblige. Freedom of the press is always a timely subject and this seems like the perfect moment to go back to basics. My major worry these days is that we Americans will forget who we are as a people and historians should serve as our chief custodians in preserving that rich storehouse of memory,” said Chernow.

If this sounds like a major snooze-fest, don’t worry, Chernow is guaranteeing it will be a hoot. “While I have never been mistaken for a stand-up comedian, I promise that my history lesson won’t be dry,” Chernow said.

That is a promise he definitely can’t keep. Even his guarantee of impending excitement is boring. This will be about as fun as an insurance seminar without an open bar. But, not everyone is disappointed.

Because awful people are awful, Michelle Wolf is brimming with pride that she single-handedly destroyed this once-entertaining tradition:

Well, she has to hang her hat on something. Her terrible Netflix show was canned almost immediately after premiering, and it’s not like she has comedy to fall back on. At least she can say she is the one who ruined the White House Correspondent Dinner forever.

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