Racist Dems Protest Moment Of Silence For Synagogue Victims, Regret It In Seconds

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) held a rally in Tennessee over the weekend, where several racist Democrats decided to protest a moment of silence for the victims of Saturday’s synagogue shooting. However, the rude liberals regretted their incendiary move within seconds. If they thought they were going to get away with such a vile act, they were very, very wrong.

A protester interrupts a moment of silence for the victims of a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue during Rep. Marsh Blackburn’s rally in Tennessee. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Caleb Skull/YouTube)

Rep. Marsha Blackburn held a rally on Sunday, where she was supported by Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has become somewhat of a Republican hero in the wake of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. One day earlier, 46-year-old Robert Bowers had stormed into the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in the affluent Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh shouting hate for Jews and killing worshipers in a 20-minute attack.

A primary care physician loved by his community. Two devoted and welcoming brothers. A “vibrant” 97-year-old with “a lot of years left.”

All were among the 11 people whose lives abruptly ended on Saturday when a gunman stormed the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh’s historic Squirrel Hill neighborhood.

On Sunday, Karl Williams, Allegheny County’s chief medical examiner, released the victims’ identities in a news conference.

“To the victims’ families, to the victims’ friends, we’re here as a community of one for you,” said Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. “We will be here to help you through this horrific episode. We’ll get through this darkest day of Pittsburgh’s history by working together.” [Source: CNN]

As the nation mourned the senseless attack on peaceful Jewish worshippers, Rep. Marsha Blackburn held a moment of silence for the victims at her rally on Sunday. However, what should have been a somber moment of reverence and respect turned chaotic when several liberal protesters who had infiltrated the event began shouting racist messages.

Showing an alarming lack of respect, one protester yelled, “Marsha Blackburn is a white supremacist,” while another shouted about the impeachment of President Donald Trump during the moment of silence. They were promptly removed from the rally and arrested.

“How despicable that you cannot even have a moment of silence,” scolded Blackburn as the protesters were being led out of her rally by security guards. “I have never in my life heard of people interrupting a moment of silence … I think that’s despicable,” she added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham got a warm welcome at a rally for the Senate campaign of Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., by hundreds of Republicans excited to greet the lawmaker who helped get Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court.

But just like the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Sunday’s program repeatedly was disrupted by protesters, including one who shouted during a moment of silence for victims of Saturday’s shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, and others who needed to be physically restrained and removed by police officers. [Source: Fox News]

Few people are vile enough to protest a moment of silence for victims of a mass shooting, but the ones who are disgusting enough to take such action are the worst kind of liberal. These people are incited by the disinformation spewed as fact by the liberal media, which isn’t held to the same standard of reporting as conservative news outlets. One look at Facebook’s “3rd Party” fact checkers will confirm this.

Ironically, it is President Donald Trump who is often labeled an anti-semite by those on the political left. But if you want to see who the true bigots are, look no further than the people who protested the moment of silence at Blackburn’s rally this weekend.

Blackburn and her Democratic opponent, businessman Phil Bredesen, both released statements condemning the interruptions. However, Graham doesn’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet. “It’s getting worse because emotions are running high,” he said.

Indeed, emotions are running high as we near the November midterm elections. But that is absolutely no reason to resort to violence. Please keep the eleven victims of the synagogue shooting and their families in your prayers. They deserve to be honored, not disrespected by unhinged leftists who were rilled up by the fake news media and the so-called leaders of their political party.

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