MSNBC Reporter Asks Hispanic Voter About Trump & Illegals — Instantly Regrets It

With just days to go before the November midterm elections, MSNBC sent a Latina reporter to Texas’ seventh Congressional district, which is 30 percent Hispanic. The reporter surely figured that this area would be full of voters who loathe President Donald Trump, and, thus, would be quick to bash him in front of the cameras. However, after asking one Hispanic voter about Trump and the caravan of illegal immigrants headed for the U.S. border, the reporter instantly regretted her decision.

Hispanic voter Rob Gutierrez is interviewed by MSNBC reporter Mariana Atencio in Texas. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/GOP War Room/YouTube)

In the Lone Star State’s 7th Congressional District, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle reported that Republican Rep. John Culberson is in a “tight race” with Democratic challenger Lizzie Fletcher. Ruhle cited a poll showing Culberson with only a 1 percentage point lead over Fletcher and pointed out that the district is 30 percent Hispanic.

But, reporting from on the ground in the district, which covers parts of Houston and areas west of the city, MSNBC’s Mariana Atencio found that not all Hispanics are favorable toward the Democrats’ policy of welcoming illegal aliens. It appears that the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot by lobbying for unbridled illegal immigration, where the Hispanic community is concerned.

“Democrats believe that if they can get Latinos to turn out, that is what is going to push the Democratic challenger over the top,” Atencio said. However, she pointed out that this might not entirely be the case, as there are many Latinos in Texas who are staunch Republicans. “Texas Latinos, if they turn out, they may not all necessarily turn out blue,” Atencio said.

An actual Hispanic voter proved her point moments later. “I do believe, if somebody wants to live in the United States, they should go through the official process,” said Rob Gutierrez. “And so as a result, I tend to ally myself with people who agree with that.”

When Atencio pressed, asking if images of migrant caravans, for instance, might affect how Gutierrez votes, his answer was simple. “Yes, it makes me want to vote Republican,” he said. “Because I think that if you want to live in this country, you need to abide by its laws.”

The Republican National Committee wasted no time in posting Atencio’s conversation with Gutierrez. Take a look:

Of course, it is horribly racist to assume that just because someone is a minority they will be a Democrat. But the mainstream media does this all the time. However, it appears that Hispanic voters are getting tired of being forced into a box by the political left. And who can blame them? Imagine being told how you should think just because you have brown skin. How utterly demeaning.

Moreover, it’s not exactly shocking that legal Hispanic immigrants would be against illegal immigration; if they did it the right way, so should all the others.

As we get closer and closer to the pivotal midterm elections next month, it is looking more and more as if there really is no “Blue Wave” coming after all. And that shouldn’t really come as a surprise. In less than two years on the job, President Donald Trump has created millions of jobs and slashed taxes and government regulations. Why would anyone want this unprecedented momentum to stop?

Plus, the people warning us about that so-called “Blue Wave” are the same people who told us with 99 percent certainty that Hillary Rodham Clinton would take the White House in 2016. And we all know how that turned out.

Do you think the Republicans will hold the majority in the midterm elections next month? Do the Democrats stand a chance?

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