LEAKED: Mueller Secret Findings On Trump, Ready To Indict Man For ‘Supporting POTUS’

Robert Mueller’s investigation is the great hope for the Democrats. They are convinced that Mueller will find evidence President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Now, as the Democrats take control of the House, findings of the investigation have reportedly been obtained by One America News and Jerome Corsi, who Mueller will indict for the crime of “supporting President Trump.” This will blow your mind.

Robert Mueller (left), President Donald Trump (middle), Jerome Corsi (right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/Getty Images, One America News/Screenshot)

There are best-selling books on the New York Times list dedicated to exposing what is called the Russia hoax. Most supporters of President Trump are well aware of the intricate deep state plot that involved first illegally spying on the Trump campaign, and which went on well past the time the president was sworn into office.

The Democrats ran with the bogus narrative that Trump had colluded with the Russians and brought in Robert Mueller to conduct an investigation. That became known as the “witch hunt” into Trump. This scheme first took shaped after the Hillary Clinton campaign found out that Julian Assange and Wikileaks were going to publish damning emails of Clinton staffers and Hillary herself.

Remember, part of the cover-up by the Democrats was their absolute reluctance to hand over their servers to the FBI. Instead, they got an outside firm called Crowdstrike to supposedly examine their servers. Crowdstrike claimed the DNC was hacked by the Russians. To this day, no United States law enforcement agency has ever examined the DNC servers.

Simply, there is no basis to believe the Russians hacked the DNC, and Julian Assange has maintained it was not Russia. 

This ruse was designed to implicate Donald Trump and his campaign as working with the so-called Russian hackers and Vladimir Putin, to make sure Hillary lost the election. This is what was called “the insurance policy” by former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress DOJ attorney Lisa Page.

Now, after almost 18 months and 38 million dollars, the Mueller investigation is coming to an end. And what these snakes at the Mueller investigation are doing will make you sick. According to Jerome Corsi, a former Infowars editor, he will be indicted within the next few days.

His crime? Corsi said in a live stream video on Monday, “My crime was that I dared to support Donald Trump.” According to Fox News, Corsi said he had received a subpoena from two FBI agents who arrived unannounced on August 28 at his home, leaving his wife “startled” just three days before his 72nd birthday.

He added that his ongoing negotiations with Mueller and his team have “just blown up” in the two months since, even though he said he “did everything” he could to cooperate and thought he was “doing a pretty good job” of it, including turning over two Apple computers to investigators and giving the FBI permission to review all of his email accounts and tweets.

So what were Mueller and his henchmen looking for? Well, One America News is reporting on the leaked findings of the investigation. “One America News has been extended unprecedented first-hand knowledge into the inside workings of Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation, and the latest status after a year and a half ongoing efforts,” they reported.

And it all comes down to Mueller’s team accusing former Trump associate Roger Stone with posting a cryptic tweet that suggested it would “soon be the Podesta’s time in the barrel.”

Corsi is an unlucky associate of Roger Stone, and he had also stated that Podesta would be in hot water, during this time frame. So, Mueller is saying Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi were involved in some elaborate scheme with Wikileaks hacking into the DNC. It’s utterly preposterous. 

Corsi is a 72-year-old man who was not involved with the Trump campaign in any way shape or form. Now, he is scared that he will die in prison. You see, Mueller and these slick deep state agents picked on him for over two months knowing they could get him in a “perjury trap.” This is the same thing they did to General Mike Flynn.

One America News reports, “The implication is that Roger Stone knew well in advance that the Podesta emails were hacked and would be released. There is no credible evidence indicating that Roger Stone or any other individuals loosely associated to the Trump 2016 campaign had any advance knowledge of the WikiLeaks, DNC and Podesta emails.”

They add, “The investigation is wrapping up regarding Roger Stone’s possible collusion with no findings. Possible indictments for perjury are unfounded and based on memory lapse, a common challenge faced by the most experienced investigators.”

So, what they do is question you under oath for hours and hours. If you make one mistake by not recounting something exactly as you stated before, it’s PERJURY. Now, we all know this is not keeping with the “spirit of the law.”

Wow, great going to Mueller, he got Jerome Corsi and has made his life a living hell because he supported Donald Trump. This makes me sick.

One America News also reports what the Mueller investigation will center on. “Mueller’s investigators have been focused on determining whether there was direct or indirect communications with WikiLeaks and Russian sources loosely associated with the 2016 Trump campaign,” reported One America News.

This is a disgrace. But we have some good news. There is every indication that Trump’s interim Attorney General Mike Whittaker has been on Mueller’s dirty trail for some time. In fact, many conservative pundits who are experts on the Russia hoax are saying Whittaker has worked behind the scenes releasing the bulwark of the classified documents which prove this is a witch hunt.

They are calling Mike Whittaker “the Cleaner” and deduce that Trump named him as AG exactly for that reason. Whittaker hates the deep state and will be cleaning up their dirty deeds, something Jeff Sessions was unwilling to do.

Let’s hope and pray those unconfirmed reports are right and that we will be seeing the deep state finally exposed. Every single dirty rat who thought they would steal the presidential election from the American people must be brought to some kind of justice.

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