Obama Steals From Trump & Calls Him ‘Tin-Pot Dictator,’ Patriots Say ‘SIT DOWN’

Barack Obama was recently on the Democratic campaign trail for the midterms in Las Vegas. The former president took credit for the great economy at the rally, saying, “When you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started it.” Then, he bashed President Donald Trump by calling him a “tin-pot dictatorship.” Well, right away angry patriots who remember Obama’s horrendous economy and his socialistic policies told the former president to “sit down.” You’ll love this.

Barack Obama campaigning in Las Vegas (Photo Credit: Cspan/Twitter/Screenshots)

It’s looking more and more like that “blue wave” the Democrats have been relying on is really a blue puddle. Tensions in the Democratic Party caused them to call on their anointed one, Barack Obama, to rally the leftist troops in Las Vegas. So, the former president showed up to hold a rally and Barack told them what they wanted to hear, even though most of what he said are blatant lies.

And like clockwork Obama made it about himself, as Buzzfeed reports, “Obama spent much of his speech on a long defense of his own presidency, and condemnation of Republican governance.”

When you hear all this talk about ‘economic miracles’ right now, remember who started it,” Obama said. He denounced Trump’s attempts to pressure the FBI and Department of Justice to target political foes.

That is not how America works. That is how some tin-pot dictatorship works,” he said.

Funny, those of us who voted for President Donald Trump see Obama as the “tin-pot dictator” whose big government policies added just under $10 trillion dollars to our national debt. In fact, he doubled the national debt from 9 trillion to just under 20 trillion.

So from the beginning of the United States to Barack Obama’s presidency, we racked up 9 trillion in debt. Then under Obama, we doubled that in eight years. So, who is he trying to kid? Obama hasn’t met a “social justice program” he didn’t fund, caring nothing about how it affected the taxpayers.

Obama’s rally in Nevada was very focused on young Latinos. “If we can’t find a way to activate the largest and fastest growing demographic in this country, there’s no way we can take our country back,” the actress America Ferrera told the crowd.

Well, lying to them about the President of the United States isn’t a good way to win voters. And as far as the Hispanic vote goes, Trump shocked the Democrats in 2016 by picking up around 30% of Latino voters.

Americans across the country reacted to Obama’s speech. Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin led the charge referring to Barack’s claim he made the economy great, tweeting, “You didn’t build that @BarackObama Sit. Down.”

Twitchy reported, “But seriously. How much longer is Obama going to take credit for the economy? Just because he spent eight years blaming George W. Bush for everything that went wrong doesn’t mean he gets to spend the next eight years congratulating himself for everything that goes right.” Then, they told Obama, “Sit down … and shut up.”

Many Americans followed up Ms. Malkin’s tweet to Obama by posting the same thing, “You didn’t build that…sit down.” Wow, poor Barack’s Twitter feed was filled with “sit down” notifications. There is no doubt the former president hit a nerve with Trump supporters who can’t stand the mainstream media fawning over the former president while they fail to ever correct him.

Is Obama saying President Trump is enacting his economic policies? That’s utter bullcrap. Trump has given us a massive tax cut, something Barack never did. Trump got rid of NAFTA, replacing it with a deal that favors American manufacturers. Obama’s economics were “spreading the wealth around” from the hardworking Americans to those who lived on food stamps and didn’t care about getting a job.

Trump’s brilliant economy has taken unemployment to an all-time low not seen since 1968. Just six days ago, the Washington Post reported, “The United States has a record number of job openings, another sign workers have greater opportunity to find better jobs, according to new data the Labor Department released Tuesday.”

President Trump celebrated the news, tweeting, “Incredible number just out, 7,036,000 job openings. Astonishing – it’s all working! Stock Market up big on tremendous potential of USA. Also, Strong Profits. We are Number One in World, by far!”

Barack Obama wishes he could take credit for Donald Trump’s economy. Barack never had a good economy, that was one of the main reasons so many Americans refused to vote Democrat. That, and his real political philosophy which was plain socialism.

He never believed America was great, and he was hellbent on apologizing for America to the rest of the world. Now, all Barack can do is lie and steal Trump’s accomplishments. What a sad little man who must be secretly jealous that President Trump is keeping all the promises he made on the campaign trail, something the former president has no experience doing. Vote red in the midterms — we don’t want Obama coming back even if it’s just to campaign.

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