Reporter Proves Trump 100% Right, Finds Nasty Surprise Lurking In Migrant Caravan

Thousands of migrants are currently making their way through Mexico, headed for the U.S. border. When a reporter traveled to the scene to investigate for herself, she found a nasty surprise lurking in the caravan. President Donald Trump warned us this would happen, and he was 100 percent right.

Sara Carter (left), The Nicaraguan-Honduran caravan of migrants marching toward the United States through Mexico (right) (Photo Credit: Sara Carter/Twitter, Screen Capture)

Thousands of Honduran migrants are headed for the United States border. Some 1,300 people, including young children, left San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras last Saturday, in what some are calling the “March of the Migrant.” Over the weekend, that number increased to 7,000 people as the caravan swarmed over the southern Mexico border. The number has only grown.

New estimates cited by El Universal, a Mexican newspaper, say the caravan now has 14,000 people. President Donald Trump has warned that “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in” with the group and challenged the media to “take your camera and search” for terrorists hiding in the caravan.

Reporter Sara Carter actually accepted this challenge, and what she found should concern every American.

President Donald Trump doubled down on his contention that terrorists could have infiltrated the Nicaraguan-Honduran caravan of migrants marching toward the United States through Mexico. “They have a lot of everybody in that group. It’s a horrible thing. It’s a lot more than 5,000 people,” Trump said at a press availability at the White House.

Reporters caught Trump as he was embarking on Marine One to head to Texas for a joint rally for Sen. Ted Cruz (R). Trump maintained he will seek to cut foreign aid to three countries that have not tried to stop their citizens from heading toward the United States, where he projects they will illegally immigrate.

Trump had named El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras as three problem states that get hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Earlier Monday, Trump tweeted that Mexican Federales appear to be “unable” to stop the caravan from marching north, and that “unknown Middle Easterners” and criminals are mixed in.

Trump told a reporter to “go into the middle of the caravan and take your camera and search” for the suspected terrorists, after the reporter challenged the president on the notion. “You’re going to find MS-13, you’re going to find Middle Eastern[ers],” he said. [Source: Fox News]

In a tweet posted Monday, independent reporter Sara Carter announced that people from India, Bangladesh, and Africa are now part of the 14,000-strong mob headed for the U.S. border. She made the startling discovery after doing just as the president had suggested; namely, searching through the throngs of immigrants herself in order to see exactly who was making the trek.

With migrants from terror hotbeds having infiltrated the caravan, we have more to worry about than simply the financial toll another 14,000 undocumented immigrants would take on our infrastructure. This is a grave threat to national security. Not to mention the fact that Carter identified an untold number of MS-13 gang members in the caravan. This group is unmatched in brutality.

Identifying problem elements in a crowd of 14,000 is tough. Despite that, Central American intelligence was able to find foreign nationals in the caravan. While that is an impressive feat, we’d be remiss not to wonder what they missed. Overlooking even a few bad eggs can have devastating consequences — the Boston Marathon bombing was carried out by just two people; the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by only 19 men, yet still resulted in nearly 3,000 dead Americans.

President Trump has certainly made the right decision by prepping the U.S. military to defend our southern border against the impending migrant caravan. This is an invasion. These people cannot be allowed to infiltrate our border. While some of them are not bad people, the threat that terrorists and gang members are mixed in is simply too great to ignore.

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