Rush Destroys CNN Host Who Claimed All Women Voting For Trump Are ‘Racist’

CNN’s Kirsten Powers, who was formerly a Fox News contributor, shocked many Americans when she said that all women who voted for and are supporting Donald Trump are racists. Powers claimed there are no exceptions, even if you’re Hispanic or black, you’re still a racist. Well, Rush Limbaugh stepped in and utterly destroyed Powers and CNN. You’ll love this.

CNN’s Kirsten Powers (left), Rush Limbaugh (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

CNN’s Kirsten Powers is in a lot of hot water after she went off the rails, claiming that all women who support President Donald Trump are racists. What makes this so ironic is that Powers authored a book titled:  The Silencing: How the Left Is Killing Free Speech.

National Review reports, “In that tome, [Powers] denounced what she called ‘the illiberal Left’ who ‘routinely demonize those who hold the wrong views.’ Powers warned that they ‘work to delegitimize the person making the argument through character assassination, demonization, and dehumanizing tactics.'”

So what happened? Kirsten Powers’ book explains exactly what the left is doing by demonizing Trump supporters as “racists,” and now she has also jumped on the bandwagon.

Appearing on Don Lemon’s CNN show, Powers said, “People will say that they support [Donald Trump] for reasons other than his racist language. The way he demonized people trying to come to our country on the caravan, and they’ll say, well, I’m not racist, I just voted for him because I didn’t like Hillary Clinton.”

“I just want to say that doesn’t make you not racist. It actually makes you racist. If you support somebody who does racist things, that makes you racist. I just want to establish that,” said Powers. “I think we have to remember that the white patriarchal system actually benefits white women in a lot of the ways and they’re attached to white men who are benefiting from the system…”

Well, Rush Limbaugh made sure that Kirsten Powers knows how ridiculous she sounds now that she has embraced the rabid leftists. She can’t blame ignorance. The CNN contributor wrote an entire book on the left “killing free speech.”

Limbaugh publicized on his blog a 23-year-old Hispanic woman named Alex who called into his radio show. He shared the portion of their conversation where they discussed Kirsten Powers and her claims.

“I just wanted to call you just to say, you know, I’m 23, I’m a Millennial, I’m a Hispanic and a conservative woman. So that’s like, you know, odd right there,” said Alex. “You know, we don’t trust a lot of… Especially Christians. I’m a Christian. We don’t trust social media and, you know, CNN for news anymore, and you feel like you can trust, you know, talk radio.”

Rush said to Alex, “You said you’re 23 and obviously, if you’re listening here, then you’re politically savvy. There’s a woman that used to be on Fox News as a contributor. Her name is Kirsten Powers. She went over to CNN.”

Limbaugh went on, “I just want to get your reaction to this, okay? She said that all white females who supported Donald Trump were racist. All! She was referring to white females who support Trump and said, ‘They’ll say, ‘Well, I’m not racist.”‘

Then, Rush played Kirsten Powers’ remarks on the Don Lemon show. He then asked, “Now, how do you react when you see somebody on TV who is an acknowledged columnist, commentator, analyst? What is your reaction when you see that on TV? Or hear about it.”

“It’s absolutely bogus. It’s crazy because it’s even more funny to be called a racist when I’m Hispanic. I went to go vote for Donald Trump during, you know, 2016, and as soon as I got there to the polls, I was swarmed by a bunch of, you know, women who were African-American [telling me I had to vote for] Hillary Clinton,” Alex said.

She added, “You know, it’s not about racism. It’s not about that. [Trump’s] not a racist. It’s about conservative views and to hear her say that she’s just labeling everybody under one thing, it’s completely misinformed, completely unintelligent.”

Limbaugh then took great pains to explain the left is driving this racist narrative even though there is not one bit of evidence to suggest President Trump has ever said anything racist. And the race card is going to be what the Democrats use to attack Trump with during the 2020 presidential race.

But, just like with CNN’s Kirsten Powers, once they are exposed as liars and race-baiters, Americans will reject the Democrats. It’s exactly what happened in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. The Democrats go too far, and it backfires on them. That’s why this story about CNN’s Kirsten Powers is so important. It exposes their sick game of demonizing anyone who dares to think for themselves.

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