No, President Trump Is Not Responsible For Wave Of Hate Crimes Against Minorities

The liberal media has developed a false narrative that President Donald Trump has enabled white nationalists and inspired a wave of hate crimes against minorities. The FBI released the hate crime stats for 2017 and indeed there was a rise in bias crimes. Digging into the stats, however, shows that this is anything but an assault by white racists against minorities.

President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Fox News)

Nearly half the victims are in fact white and almost all perpetrators are non-white. Don’t expect the fake news industry to report the facts on this one. They’ll be too busy blaming Trump for black-on-Hispanic hate crimes.

The FBI released the annual Uniform Crime Report and it showed there was a 17% increase in hate crimes for 2017.

Vox, a website that explains the news to gullible liberals, pounced on the FBI report to point a finger at President Trump:

The spike in reported hate crimes comes amid Trump’s first year in office…

The broader context is crucial here: The report covers the first year of President Donald Trump’s time in the White House, and he’s been repeatedly criticized, from his campaign to his presidential statements and tweets, of stoking racist sentiment, particularly against immigrants and refugees.

…hate crime experts…said there’s likely been an uptick due to Trump’s rhetoric…

Leftist scandal rag The Huffington Post also thinks Trump is responsible for all of this hate:

The release of the annual report follows a big month for hate in America. A far-right street gang attacked people on both coasts, a supporter of President Donald Trump sent pipe bombs to numerous critics of the president, an avowed anti-Semite killed 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue, and a man with a history racist and misogynistic comments killed two women at a Florida yoga studio.

Every liberal media outlet is reporting breathlessly that hate crimes are up in the Age of Trump. Chances are that they didn’t bother to look at the actual FBI statistics and simply regurgitated a newswire service report. Had they bothered to give these stats a glance, their narrative that white Trump supporters are attacking minorities at an alarming rate would completely fall apart.

First of all, 44.9% of all reported hate crimes involved “intimidation,” meaning the victims were yelled at by jerks, which quite honestly shouldn’t count as a crime of any kind. About half of the victims were black, meaning that half of the victims were not black. White people, Jews, Christians, gays and the disabled made up for most of the other half.

The rate of black victimhood seems pretty racist until you look at who is committing these hate crimes. Almost all hate crimes were committed by non-whites:

  • Whites committed 12% of the hate crimes and were victimized 17.1% of the time.
  • Blacks committed 21.1% of the hate crimes and were victimized 59.6% of the time.
  • Hispanics committed 37.5% of the hate crimes and were victimized 10.9% of the time.

In the US, 61.3% of the population is white non-Hispanic, 17.8% is Hispanic, and 12.7% is black. Comparing these demographics to the FBI’s hate crime statistics, it’s clear that white people are not committing a disproportionate number of bias crimes. Blacks commit more hate crimes than their population numbers and Hispanics are off the charts in this regard.

Minorities commit 70.6% of all hate crimes in this country, yet make up 38.7% of the population. Narrative busted! White people are not engaged in a campaign of hate against minorities in the United States.

Of course, these FBI stats don’t actually mean anything because they are only keeping track of reported hate crimes. Anyone can report a hate crime, but that doesn’t mean it actually happened. The feds don’t collect data on hate crime convictions, nor do they disregard a report when it turns out to be a hoax, which is quite common.

It should also be noted that the FBI doesn’t record how many hate crime offenders were wearing a MAGA hat, so the liberal media reporting that Donald Trump is inspiring a wave a hate is based only on their vivid imaginations and hatred for the freely-elected President of the United States.

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