Liberal Media Concerned With Cost Of Protecting Betsy DeVos From Leftist Threats

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is under constant threat of death and harm from leftist extremists. This is alarming to be sure, but the liberal media is more concerned with how much it costs taxpayers to protect her. It’s pretty expensive.

Betsy DeVos (Photo credit: US Dept. of Education)

NBC has posted an urgent piece stoking rage among liberals over the price tag for protecting DeVos from those same raging liberals. Mainstream media outlets never cared about the vast expense of protecting the Obamas on their frequent, lavish taxpayer-funded vacations, but because this involves the Trump administration, it’s suddenly a national crisis.

Here’s NBC crying about the “unusual” security requirements of protecting Betsy DeVos:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos began receiving around-the-clock security from the U.S. Marshals Service days after being confirmed, an armed detail provided to no other cabinet member that could cost U.S. taxpayers $19.8 million through September of 2019, according to new figures provided by the Marshals Service to NBC News.

The cost of security provided to DeVos was $5.3 million in fiscal year 2017 and $6.8 million for fiscal year 2018, according to the Marshals Service — an amount that is ultimately reimbursed by the Education Department. The estimated cost for fiscal year 2019 is $7.74 million.

DeVos is a member of President Trump’s cabinet, and she should be protected. If her life is being threatened, the government is obligated to protect her. DeVos is being threatened, and this is something NBC is aware of, yet they are downplaying that angle to work liberals into a frenzy.

“The order was issued after the Department of Education contacted administration officials regarding threats received by the Secretary of Education. The U.S.M.S. was identified to assist in this area based on its expertise and long experience providing executive protection,” said the Justice Department in a statement.

That quote appears in the NBC story, showing that there are credible threats against DeVos, but the liberal news network is more concerned with the price tag of dealing with those threats.

NBC tries to make this innocuous thing seem even more sinister by linking it to former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who liberals claim is racist:

While it remains unclear who specifically made the request, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions granted the protection on February 13, 2017, a few days after DeVos was heckled and blocked by a handful of protesters from entering the Jefferson Academy, a public middle school in Washington. DeVos was confirmed as education secretary on February 7 of that year.

Please note that NBC is also trying to dismiss the threats against DeVos by saying the only thing she has to worry about is “peaceful” protesters.

The US Marshals Service would not comment to NBC about the specific danger DeVos faces but confirmed there are multiple death threats against her. Those crack reporters at NBC don’t need to pester law enforcement agencies to find out what kind of threats DeVos faces, just go on Twitter.

Here’s California Rep. Maxine Waters issuing a threat to DeVos for the entire world to see:

You can take Mad Maxine’s statement in any number of ways, but considering her call to attack and harass Republicans in public places, this sure looks like a threat. At the very least it is the kind of violent rhetoric that tends to inspire leftist extremists to make death threats.

If liberals are really this upset about the cost of protecting Betsy DeVos, the simple solution is for them to stop threatening her life. No threats = no need for protection. Liberals hate solutions that make sense, are effective, and don’t infringe on our civil rights, but this really is the easiest way to solve this problem.

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