Maxine Says Migrants Storming Border Is Political Ploy By Trump, Gets Nasty Surprise

Maxine Waters should be worried by the border crisis since it is happening a mere 130 miles away from her constituency. Instead, she claims President Donald Trump created the entire thing and the illegal aliens storming our border is a “political ploy” by the president. Waters also said she doesn’t believe Trump has an agreement with Mexico. Well, poor Maxine just got a nasty surprise she never saw coming. You’ll love this. […]


Maxine Threatens GOP: I’m Gonna Do To You What You Did To Us, Made To Regret It

Maxine Waters was completely unhinged last night, threatening the GOP and every conservative who supports President Donald Trump. “I’m gonna do to you what you did to us,” screeched Waters, as her constituents cheered. The 80-year-old says she can’t wait to get a hold of the chairman’s gavel of the all-important Financial Services Committee if Democrats win the midterms. Well, Maxine was just made to regret her threats. […]


De Niro & Biden Sent ‘Pipe Bombs,’ Rush Blasts Democrats & Exposes ‘Political Stunt’

Radio host Rush Limbaugh has been the voice of reason for conservatives for over 30 years. Today, we learned Joe Biden and Robert De Niro were also sent the crudely made “pipe bombs.” Limbaugh blasted the Democrats by exposing the real motivation behind this bomb scare, concluding who benefits from this “political stunt.” Don’t miss this. […]


Maxine Sent Suspicious Package: Investigators Find Huge Clue That Looks ‘Fishy’

Maxine Waters was also sent a “suspicious package” found by Capitol Hill police and turned over to the federal investigators. Now, we have learned that these same investigators are claiming they have found a huge clue that is making these pipe bombs look very fishy. Instead of getting caught up in all the drama, Americans need to stick to the facts, and we have just found out what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know. Don’t miss this. […]


Whoopi & The View Blame Trump For Explosives Sent To Democrats, Now Regret It

Whoopi Goldberg was extremely angry after she heard the news that explosive devices were sent to a long list of Democrats. Immediately, Goldberg and her co-hosts blamed President Donald Trump, bashing him as a violent and horrible leader. Now, they must totally regret their Trump blame-fest as they got exposed as being part of the problem in America. Don’t miss this. […]


Antifa Thug Viciously Attacked 9/11 Widow FOUND, Patriots Make Him Regret It

Last week an Antifa thug viciously attacked a 9/11 widow in Portland, Oregon. Americans were incensed as the video went viral. This punk berated the woman who was minding her own business. He screamed, “Your f*cking husband should rot in the grave!” Well, patriots across the country gave the thug a real shock when they found him and then made him regret he ever attacked the widow. Don’t miss this. […]


Sabo Takes Stab at Maxine Waters – Massive Billboard Pops Up in Hollywood Overnight

Los Angeles-based street artist Sabo has been making waves in recent years with his pro-Trump, anti-liberal art. His posters have popped up in the most unexpected places, driving the corrupt Democrats batty. Now, just in time for the scare season, this renegade artist has just made a fool of Maxine Waters, who is one of the most deadly Democrats in DC. Liberals are up in arms. […]