CNN Host Gives Trump Supporters New Nickname — They Make Him Regret It

CNN’s Chris Cuomo used a new term to describe the millions of Americans who support President Donald Trump. Intending it to be an insult, he further slanders Trump supporters with ugly stereotypes and lies. His epic blunder exposes just how stupid the left-wing media is, and how little they respect most Americans.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has no problem revealing his ugly bias against the president and Americans. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Let’s just get this out of the way: liberals are stupid. I’m not talking about the run-of-the-mill, blue-collar voters who still think Democrats can save their jobs. I’m talking about the people who run the party. These elitists, who sip their lattes and sneer at regular Americans, have no clue about what we think or care about.

They stroke their egos over their Ivy League educations. They attend events, hobnobbing with like-minded morons. They spend most of their time reading the same fake news publications. When they open their mouths, it sounds like they’ve had their heads in the ground (or somewhere else) for the last two years.

This is especially true of the arrogant liberals who work in the news. They are so out-of-touch with Americans, they have no problem constantly lying to us and about us. These are the same people who defend Antifa, a radical left-wing group that beats up peaceful Americans. These are the same people who try to make Maxine Waters look like an innocent victim after she tells her supporters to push back at conservatives.

These are the same people who accusing Trump and the entire Republican Party of “inciting violence” over packages sent to Democrats. Packages that seem to be a hoax, from a still unknown origin.

And the liberals in the media gawk when we call them liars.

CNN’s top liar, Chris Cuomo, doesn’t get it. He and his cronies continue to spread fake and misleading news about the president, conservatives, and everyday Americans. He even took to Twitter to give us a new nickname.

Um, what are “Trump folk”? Is that a thing? Has Cuomo come up with a new pet name for the people he despises? We just want a leader who will put America first. Cuomo makes us sound like creatures from a Lord of the Rings book.

But perhaps that’s how the left sees us today: as bizarre creatures that they wish to exterminate. When asked what he meant by “Trump folk,” Cuomo revealed his true bias.

Wow. Cuomo’s head is stuck somewhere, but it isn’t the ground!

Imagine being this stupid, unaware, or ignorant. And this guy is a news host. He says Trump supporters back the president “without any qualification.”

Is he really this stupid? Has Cuomo not been paying attention over the last two years? President Trump has scored one major win for the country after another. He’s broken records for unemployment among every demographic, including African Americans and women. The GDP is passing 4% (Obama’s was 1%). Trump has cooperated with North Korea. He blasted ISIS into near-oblivion.

And he’s scored trade deals with countries that experts said would never cooperate.

No qualifications? Cuomo is paid by CNN to cover the news. I guess he’s been sleeping since 2016.

That’s not even the half of his insult. He claims Trump “folk” blindly follow the president and will applaud anything, regardless of how wrong or wrong-minded. Once again, a liberal is distorting the truth.

The media continues to twist Trump’s words, painting him to be a racist, bigot, or sexist. Honest, intelligent people know differently. But instead of giving Trump credit, Cuomo continues this pathetic mantra.

Cuomo, like the rest of the left, really don’t get it. They’ve swallowed their own Kool-Aid. They think we agree that Trump’s a monster, but are ignoring it for some reason. He doesn’t understand that Trump is winning for America. He’s fighting for people the left has forgotten.

And Cuomo is conveniently forgetting how the media all-but worshiped Obama, who certainly had no qualifications.

This might seem like an isolated tweet from an arrogant CNN anchor. But this is really how the left thinks. They can’t understand why so many Americans support him. So, they assume we are blind idiots who’ll believe everything Trump says.

They really think so little of us. This attitude is shared by everyone in the Democratic Party. SHARE this fact, so everyone knows just how despicable the left can be.