Fake News Alert: CNN Reporters Post Viral Photo Online, Quickly Ends In Humiliation

CNN continues its legacy of bad reporting after two CNN employees posted a viral photo on Twitter. Their eagerness to push their left-wing narrative had them sharing a picture meant to smear Saudi Arabia and President Donald Trump. Quickly, people pointed out one obvious mistake. This is one embarrassing blunder for the “respected” news network. […]


Trump Was Right Again! — Two Bad Hombres Found in Migrant Caravan

President Donald Trump warned Americans that the caravans heading for our border were hiding dangerous criminals. Immediately, pro-caravan liberals scoffed at the notion. However, as the caravans continue to move toward our border, we are discovering some alarming things. Authorities in Mexico apprehended and deported two of these migrants. You won’t believe what they were guilty of doing. […]


VIDEO: TV Stars Beg Kids to Vote While Blaming Trump for What Obama Did

Once again, we are seeing entitled, high-paid celebrities lecturing Americans. With the midterms coming up, talk show hosts and TV actors are demanding that people go out and vote, for Democrats. They condemn conservatives and President Donald Trump, accusing him of one vile act. But they conveniently leave out the fact that the real crime was committed by Barack Obama. […]


Bombshell! Here’s the Reason Why Some Millennials Won’t Be Voting This Midterm

Despite a huge campaign from liberals to get young people to vote this November, some millennials have decided not to cast their ballots. An incredible effort on social media, TV, and other outlets tried to get young adults to be a deciding factor in the future of our country. Here are the groundbreaking reasons young people ages 18-29 will not be partaking in this “historic” election. […]