VIDEO: TV Stars Beg Kids to Vote While Blaming Trump for What Obama Did

Once again, we are seeing entitled, high-paid celebrities lecturing Americans. With the midterms coming up, talk show hosts and TV actors are demanding that people go out and vote, for Democrats. They condemn conservatives and President Donald Trump, accusing him of one vile act. But they conveniently leave out the fact that the real crime was committed by Barack Obama.

A variety of TV actors appear in yet another video demanding we vote for Democrats. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)

Why do Hollywood celebrities think we care about their opinions? Every election year, it’s the same thing. These spoiled, out-of-touch elitists became rich and famous, after peddling smut. Hollywood traffics in the celebration of crime, drug abuse, sexual immorality, and even rape and murder. They get rich from movies and shows that revel in the very worst of human behavior.

Yet when an election rolls around, they have the audacity to accuse us of being immoral — if we vote against their party.

In 2016, Hollywood liberals all but ordered us to elect a corrupt, terrible woman to the highest office of the land. When America refused, celebrities ranted like spoiled babies. They couldn’t believe that we refused to obey their demands.

Now, after two years of unprecedented success from the Trump administration, liberals are at it again. They are trying everything to manipulate Americans into electing more Democrats into office. A group of well-known TV stars made a video, urging people to vote for liberals.

In the video, they don’t promise that Democrats will do anything for Americans. Instead, they slander President Trump — a man not even running for reelection this year. They attack the Commander in Chief, accusing him of a variety of wrongdoings.

But the biggest wrong they accuse him of was, in fact, something Obama did all the time — for years. They never seemed to be upset about it, back then. Now, they seem to have forgotten all about that.

Another group of Hollywood celebrities has come out with a get out the vote ad, this time driving a left-wing message attacking President Donald Trump for “keeping children in cages,” despite the fact that the same immigration policy was implemented during the Obama era.

The ad features actors such as Andy Ritcher of Conan O’Brien late-night show fame, The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch, Bradley Whitford from the series The West Wing, commercial actress Milana Vayntrub, and several others urging people to vote…

Why should we vote? Well, according to these stars we are “fighting” against Russian bots, voting to secure “a woman’s right to choose” (as long as they don’t choose life), and fighting against “our government keeping children in cages.”

Of course, none of the stars mention that this policy of detaining children brought here illegally by foreign migrants is a policy that has been around since the late 1990s and that Barack Obama also kept “children in cages” as their status was cleared up. [Source: Breitbart]

It’s amazing how these people can throw down the guilt trip. They aren’t interested in the very valid reasons Americans voted for Trump — and will vote for Republicans.

Hollywood celebrities are blind to the fact that Democrats have betrayed the working and middle classes. Obama and the rest allowed millions of blue and white collar jobs to bleed overseas. Democrats welcome millions of illegal immigrants who take American jobs.

Democrats divide our country with identity politics. They accuse regular Americans of being racist, just because they care about their families.

Not to mention the fact that Democratic policies would raise taxes, burden millions with government “benefits,” and drive jobs and opportunity from communities.

No, Hollywood just wants you to march to their orders, no questions asked. They want you to be upset that Trump “keeps children in cages.” Except the smoking gun photos of immigrant kids in cages was from the Obama era. Nor do they acknowledge that immigrant children detained are safer, because they were previously being exploited by human smugglers and sex traffickers.

I guess those facts didn’t fit this video.

Hollywood liberals don’t care about everyday Americans. They won’t get hurt when Democrats force the minimum wage so high that companies go out of business. Celebrities won’t get hurt if taxes soar through the roof. Nor will they suffer when millions of aliens flood our borders. They live in nice gated communities, after all. Perhaps these actors should stick to telling stupid jokes on their TV shows.