Trump Was Right Again! — Two Bad Hombres Found in Migrant Caravan

President Donald Trump warned Americans that the caravans heading for our border were hiding dangerous criminals. Immediately, pro-caravan liberals scoffed at the notion. However, as the caravans continue to move toward our border, we are discovering some alarming things. Authorities in Mexico apprehended and deported two of these migrants. You won’t believe what they were guilty of doing.

Just like President Donald Trump said, some very bad people are traveling in the migrant caravans. (Photo Credit: ORLANDO ESTRADA/AFP/Getty Images, Mexico’s Secretariat of the Interior)

The first migrant caravan formed in Honduras. The group plans to bombard the U.S. border, demanding asylum. They believe they can circumvent our immigration rules by claiming they are fleeing trouble, despite the fact most of them aren’t eligible for asylum.

That hasn’t stopped the initial caravan from ballooning in size. The international attention it garnered has enticed other people in South America. Numerous other caravans have formed. There are FOUR migrant caravans, ranging from hundreds to thousands, moving toward the U.S. border.

This is shaping up to be like the refugee crisis in Europe, where millions of migrants from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East flooded EU nations. Those nations continue to suffer, to this day, from violence and crime.

It is clear that a similar situation is developing for the United States. Knowing Trump is cracking down on illegal immigration, they are just trying to force their way across our border.

To hell with our laws, Democrats need migrants to exploit!

Donald Trump has made it very clear that the migrants will not be welcomed into the country. He has ordered thousands of troops to the border. He has warned the caravans, urging them to turn around and return home. He’s even insisted these caravans are hiding dangerous criminals, who are seeking entrance into America.

Naturally, the left accused Trump of racism when he stated this fact. But over the last few weeks, we have seen members of these caravans become violent, some even attacking Mexican police.

Now, we’ve learned that at least two of the Honduran migrants were deported by Mexican authorities. Why? Oh, because they are guilty of a triple murder and drug trafficking!

Mexican authorities deported two fugitive Honduran caravan migrants wanted for their respective alleged roles in a triple murder and drug trafficking.

The arrest took place as part of a joint effort between Mexico’s Federal Police and the National Migration Institute (INM) in conjunction with Interpol, Mexico’s Secretariat of the Interior said. The two men were part of the migrant caravan from Honduras and requested permission to travel through Mexico.

Immigration authorities detained the two men at separate immigration checkpoints in Chiapas and took them to another station to be flown back to Honduras.

Mexican authorities identified one of the men as 47-year-old Juan Carlos “N,” wanted for his alleged role in the murder of three individuals.

The other caravan migrant was identified as 27-year-old Adin Josue “N,” wanted on drug trafficking charges. [Source: Breitbart]

Tell me again how these caravans are a good thing? Honest people knew from the very beginning that these caravans were a crisis waiting to happen. You can’t just let thousands of strangers barge their way into a country. Immigration laws exist for a reason. One of those reasons is to prevent dangerous criminals from fleeing justice from their home country and committing crimes in a new country.

Democrats don’t seem to mind. Their open borders policy has let criminals into our country for years. Once upon a time, the left was strongly against illegal immigration. Even Barack Obama said it was bad for our country.

Yet today, every prominent Democrat says otherwise. And they call anyone who is against illegal immigration a racist. They look the other way when cartel members, rapists, murderers, and thieves cross our border.

This episode is further proof that these caravans cannot enter our country. They must turn around and go back. But how many news outlets will spread this story? I’m guessing very few.

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