Bombshell! Here’s the Reason Why Some Millennials Won’t Be Voting This Midterm

Despite a huge campaign from liberals to get young people to vote this November, some millennials have decided not to cast their ballots. An incredible effort on social media, TV, and other outlets tried to get young adults to be a deciding factor in the future of our country. Here are the groundbreaking reasons young people ages 18-29 may not be partaking in this “historic” election.

Many millennials won’t be voting this year. (Photo Credit: Melany Rochester/Unsplash)

Full disclosure, I’m 34. Technically, that makes me a millennial (or Gen Xer, who really knows anymore). But unlike many of the younger members of my generation, I vote. In fact, I already voted in this midterm.

It’s up to every patriot to get out and support their candidates this midterm season. Democrats are pulling out all the stops to take over the government. They are predicting a “blue wave” that will cripple President Trump’s MAGA agenda. The Democratic Party’s platform has never been more toxic.

If Democrats win governor seats and seats in Congress, expect more government-funded social programs, higher taxes, a weak economy, and fewer jobs. Much is on the line, especially at the state level.

Even though this election is crucial, there are many in this country that simply won’t vote. Only around half of all eligible voters spend the small amount of time required to cast their ballot. Which makes the votes that are cast even more important.

Democrats know this, so they’re pulling out all the stops to bamboozling millennials into supporting liberals. Comedy site “Funny Or Die” has been running a campaign since early this year, called “Glam Up The Midterms,” in the hopes of attracting LGBT millennials. Bandcamp, a music-sharing site, has a call to get young people to vote.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram bombarded users with ads to get them to register.

Late Night hosts, TV shows, and celebrities are pleading with their millennial fans to vote. Taylor Swift all but torched her reputation when she threw a GOP candidate under the bus to back a Democrat.

But has all this work to get millennials to vote paid off? Nope! Turns out, millennials have zero interest in getting involved this midterm season. In fact, fewer will vote this year than they did in 2016. The reasons? Well, they’ll simply shock you.

More than half of American adults plan to cast ballots in November, but only a third of people ages 18 to 29 say they will. Here, 12 young adults on why they probably won’t vote.

Samantha | Age 22… “2016 was such a disillusioning experience… Watching the results come in, it was just disheartening. My faith in the whole system was crushed pretty quickly…”

Tim | Age 27… “I hate mailing stuff; it gives me anxiety…”

Megan | Age 29… “I don’t own a printer or stamps anyway…”

Anna | Age 21… “Honestly, if someone had the forms printed for me and was willing to deal with the post office, I’d be much more inclined to vote…” [Source: New York Magazine]

Uh, yeah, it goes on from there. Looks like most millennials aren’t voting — not because they don’t care about our country — but because they are too lazy to buy stamps or go to the post office. Others claimed that the 2016 election crushed their spirits. They were so disappointed that Hillary Clinton lost that they refuse to vote ever again.

Sounds a lot like the spoiled child who refuses to get back on the bike, because she fell off it the first time. I guess millennials never realized that every election has an impact. They tried it once, it didn’t work out, so they’re giving up.

Other people who were questioned seem to be completely ignorant of the issues. Despite being high school and (in some cases) college graduates, they don’t have the wherewithal to investigate candidates and form their own opinions.

This is a bleak situation for anyone hoping that millennials will make the difference. For years, millennials have been bashed for their selfishness, immaturity, and sense of entitlement. This is a generation that has been given safe spaces and trigger warnings to shield them from real life. When you see Antifa rioters or unhinged liberal protestors pounding the doors of the Supreme Court — most of them are millennials.

That has resulted in a group that’s too apathetic to do anything that actually makes a difference. Sadly, it is a weak and spoiled generation that can’t be bothered.

(When I went to vote, I was the youngest person there. The median age of the people around me was 55).

If Democrats were hoping millennials would propel them back into office, they are in for a rude awakening.