Top Hillary Clinton Aid Makes Stunning Admission About Dirty Tactic: “It’s Okay To…”

In the age of President Donald Trump, the left has become increasingly desperate. Their last hope was the midterm elections, but their “blue wave” is little more than a puddle. Facing more losses, the Democrats have resorted to a pathetic tactic. However, a former Hillary Clinton aid just made a stunning admission. This isn’t good.

A former Hillary Clinton adviser is encouraging a “low” tactic by the left. (Photo Credit: James D. Morgan/Getty Images, Chase Carter/Flickr)

Since Donald Trump entered office, we’ve seen Democrats fall to a new low. Their behavior over the last two years has stunned more than a few Americans. Liberals have engaged in all kinds of wild antics, proving just how petty and childish they can be when they don’t get their way.

Democrats have proven they only care about America when they win elections. When they lose, especially to someone as effective as Donald Trump, liberals show they don’t even respect our country, democracy, or traditions.

I think most Americans are sick of seeing Democrats protesting. Progressive groups have certainly worn out this tactic. When that doesn’t work, they frequently resort to angry mobs. Antifa and other radical groups have created climates of violence across the country.

The ultimate goal of the left is to intimidate conservatives and everyday Americans. They don’t want us standing up for our beliefs, speaking our minds, or even voting. That is why we’ve seen another growing trend: Democrats harassing and assaulting conservatives in public places.

It’s not just children or elderly with MAGA hats they assault. Top Republican leaders, including White House staff, have been assaulted by mobs organized by Democrat activists. Americans simply sitting down to dinner have been shouted at, shoved, and even threatened with violence. Senators have been ambushed by activists in elevators.

This disgraceful tactic is clearly meant to bully conservatives into doing what liberals want. It’s yet another example of how low and deplorable Democrats have become.

You’d think leading Democrats would speak out against this behavior, right? They should be smart enough to see how bully tactics would only make their party look bad.

Think again!

Major leaders in the party have all but encouraged it. Hillary Clinton herself recently said, “You can’t be civil,” with conservatives.

Now, one of her top advisers admitted to that, saying Democrats have no other option.

Philippe Reines, a former top adviser to Hillary Clinton, has shrugged off a raft of incidents involving confrontations between protesters and Republican officials, calling them a “made-up problem.”

“It is the First Amendment,” Reines said on MSNBC Sunday morning. “People are doing this because there is no other opportunity or no other oversight. The Republican Congress has basically pledged fealty to Donald Trump. People are doing these things because it’s all that’s left.”

Reines spoke two days after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., was confronted by a group of angry diners at a restaurant in Louisville. The group left the restaurant after other patrons told them to “leave [McConnell] alone.” Other Republican officials who have been confronted in similar circumstances include Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas; Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen; Press Secretary Sarah Sanders; and senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller.

“What are they doing?” Reines asked rhetorically about the activists involved in the incidents. “They’re denying Sarah Sanders her supper, her Cornish hen. They’re serenading Kirstjen Nielsen in a Mexican restaurant. They’re heckling Stephen Miller just for being Stephen Miller.” [Source: Fox News]

What more evidence do you want to know that the Democrat Party’s leadership is behind all the violence? Earlier in the year, Rep. Maxine Waters told supporters to “push back” against conservatives.

Eric Holder, former Obama Attorney General, said to kick conservative when they’re down.

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot: and hundreds of instances of violence against Democrats were happening at the hands of Republicans. President Trump, Mike Pence, and every other major conservative leader would denounce it. They would urge their supporters to show respect and civility to their neighbors. They would condemn violence in the strongest terms.

Not the Democrats. They all but want liberals outraged and unstable, willing to inflict violence on children, young women, the elderly, and our country’s leaders.

This is the same party that expects to take back Congress this November. They have to be dreaming.

But why does Reines justify such ugly and despicable behavior? It’s not because violence is protected by the First Amendment. Like every other Democrat, he accuses patriotic Americans of being racist.

“The real thing to me,” Reines added, “[is] you have a Republican Party who is giving aid and comfort to … white nationalists and they’ve become the party of white nationalists and all of their hatred. That’s a bigger deal to me than someone not getting their supper.” [Source: Fox News]

This is the same, tired talking points we’ve been hearing for years. It’s a bald-faced lie and we all know it. But they keep saying it to justify violence against us.

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