As Migrant Caravan Approaches, CBS News Makes Stunning Admission On Live TV

Americans watch as a growing immigrant caravan hurtles towards the U.S. border. Despite attempts by the left to distract from this crisis, it isn’t going away. The media has tried to paint this massive horde as simply desperate folks who deserve entry into America. However, CBS admitted one damning detail about most of these migrants. Liberals are going to hate this.

The migrant caravan continues to grow, encouraging new groups to form in other countries. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

For days, we’ve watched helplessly as thousands march from one country to another. For a while, it looked like at least Mexico would help prevent these invaders from passing through. But despite Trump’s stern warnings, Mexico does very little to stop these migrants from pushing to the U.S. border.

There have been serious concerns that among the many travelers, criminals and drug cartel members hide. It would be very easy for dangerous criminals (and not a few terrorists) to exploit this fiasco in order to enter the United States.

The left-wing media has done everything to distract from this caravan, which is now only the first of several. They’ve even hyped up suspicious packages sent to Democrats, conveniently timed, as an excuse not to cover this real, national security crisis. But Americans have not forgotten the thousands of migrants who expect to be welcomed into our country.

Some media outlets have portrayed the migrants as innocent victims who are seeking a better life in America. They’ve interviewed men, women, and children in the hopes of guilting Americans into accepting this violation of our laws and borders.

But while trying to make the caravan members appear sympathetic, they’ve revealed one big reality: most of them are not eligible for asylum in the United States. Even CBS has to admit this fact.

CBS Evening News on Tuesday evening revealed that most of the Central American migrants in the caravan are fleeing poverty and not eligible for asylum or refugee status in the United States.

The news program was one of the first mainstream media broadcasts to explicitly note that migrants cannot get asylum or refugee status to get jobs in the United States nearly a week after Breitbart News noted that nearly every migrant interviewed by various media outlets–including the Washington Post, the New York Times, NBC News, and the Associated Press–revealed that they were traveling to America to seek better economic opportunities.

The CBS Evening News broadcast reported that the “mass exodus organized by activists in Honduras is believed to be the largest migrant caravan on record, an estimated 7,200 people, five times the size of the last one in April.”

Correspondent Adriana Diaz added: “Most tell us they are fleeing extreme poverty, but that’s not a condition for asylum or refugee status in the U.S.” [Source: Breitbart]

Refugees can only be granted asylum if they are fleeing for their lives, from war-torn regions. Simply wanting money is not a good enough reason to burden our country. On top of that, the United States already welcomes thousands of refugees a year, from around the world. The State Department sets strict limits on who and how many can enter, as dictated by the president.

This caravan of “economic refugees” does not qualify. The federal government is well within its power to turn them away. That raises the question, why are the immigrants coming if they will be turned away?

It’s simple. They want to overwhelm our immigration system so that we would have no choice but to let these people in. They would be resettled, on the taxpayer’s dime, and given housing, money, and other necessities. Getting processed and deported would most-likely never happen, given the sheer size of the group.

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