New York Governor Wants to Bankrupt the NRA, His Underhanded Scheme Exposed

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is waging a campaign against the NRA. The Democrat has devised a new scheme to undermine the Second Amendment-supporting group. His goal? To bankrupt it completely. And, he is getting allies across the United States to help him.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York hopes to bankrupt the NRA with his new plan. (Photo Credit: MTA/Flickr, Michael Saechang/Flickr)

It’s no secret that liberals hate the National Rifle Association. The group, which was originally founded to arm black Americans after the Civil War, is the biggest supporter of our Second Amendment rights. The NRA helps arm Americans, educates them about their rights, and provides valuable resources for every Second Amendment-loving patriot. So, naturally, the left needs it to go away.

Democrats don’t believe in the Second Amendment. For decades, they have sought to eliminate our right to bear arms. In liberal-controlled cities and states, American citizens often struggle to purchase and operate firearms. Many of these places have “gun free” zones. It’s not a surprise that these cities have some of the worst violent crime in America.

The left knows the only way they can erase Americans’ right to own a firearm is by attacking their biggest supporter. Whenever gun violence occurs in the country, Democrats blame the NRA. Even though not a single mass shooting has ever been caused by an NRA member. But, Democrats don’t let those facts get in the way of their campaign to disarm and weaken Americans.

One of the biggest anti-Second Amendment advocates is Democratic Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. This liberal is quick to point to the NRA and our gun rights for all the ills of our country. Time and again, he has fought to limit the gun rights of New Yorkers. Today, a New York resident must jump through numerous hoops to legally own a firearm — if they can at all.

Now, Cuomo is launching a new campaign against the NRA. He is targeting an insurance program the association offers to members. The heavy lawsuit he’s throwing out them might bankrupt the NRA. And, more states are joining him.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is finding new allies in his campaign to “bankrupt” the National Rifle Association, as three additional states follow his call to take legal action against the gun-rights group’s insurance program…

“Carry Guard” is an NRA-sponsored insurance policy for gun owners who use a firearm in self-defense but face civil or criminal liability expenses. State officials have specifically targeted the Overland Park, Kansas-based Lockton Affinity and the Chicago-based Illinois Union, a member of the Chubb group, which were involved in marketing and selling the NRA insurance plans. The New York Department of Financial Services in May levied a combined fine of more than $8 million against the two companies.

On Aug. 4, Cuomo said: “I am calling on states across the country to join New York to outlaw this absurd program that insures intentional criminal conduct. … If the NRA goes bankrupt because of the State of New York, they’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.” [Source: Fox News]

Cuomo’s scheme is far more nefarious than it looks at first glance. Americans who own firearms do so for many reasons. One of the biggest is self-defense. If you are attacked — be it in your home or on the street — you have the right to defend yourself with your gun.

But, in many states, you might face penalties for firing a gun, even if you did so lawfully to save your own like. That’s how absurd liberal states are. They punish law-abiding citizens when they do nothing wrong. (These are the same states that protect illegal aliens when they break the law, mind you).

“Carry Guard” is a program that helps pay for expenses, if and when a gun owner is forced to defend themselves. Cuomo’s scheme is aimed at a legitimate program that helps Americans when faced with unjust criminal charges —Americans, I remind you, whose only crime was defending themselves.

In effect, Cuomo and his allies are trying to hunt down and punish Americans for standing up for their Second Amendment rights. Think about that.

Liberals pretend to support the civil rights of Americans. They claim they want to protect the rights of the disenfranchised and underprivileged. But, this is a clear example of how Democrats go out of their way to strip Americans of things that protect their rights.

Without this insurance, gun owners will be too afraid to carry their firearms. They will be defenseless, should they be attacked.

Joining Cuomo in this attempt is New Jersey, California, and Washington state. Each has liberal attorneys general making trumped-up claims about how this insurance program was sold or instituted.

But, the NRA is not backing down.

NRA lawyer William Brewer pushed back on the state claims, though, telling Fox News the NRA conducted reviews to ensure compliance with state laws where Carry Guard is sold.

The NRA filed a First Amendment lawsuit against New York state that claims the policy restricting financial activity with pro-gun organizations amounts to viewpoint discrimination. A U.S. Northern District of New York judge is mulling a motion to dismiss by the Cuomo administration. For now, the NRA is not focused on any other litigation beyond New York, Brewer said. [Source: Fox News]

Cuomo’s scheme is yet another attack on our Constitutional Rights. These attacks will never end when Democrats are in power. They do not like knowing Americans can arm and defend themselves. They want us weak, fearful, and dependent on the government.

Only when they are eliminated from public office, will we be free from their schemes. So, SHARE this story if you believe in protecting our Second Amendment rights. We still have the power, and a very important midterm vote is coming.