Respected New York Times Reporter Makes Miscalculation About Caravan

The last stunt to distract Americans has failed, so the Democrats are forced to deal with the caravan again. First, they tried to ignore it. Second, they tried to distract with suspicious bomb scares. Now, a New York Times reporter is trying to make the migrant crisis seem less problematic by sharing some hard facts about America. But the numbers really don’t add up.

A New York Times writer tried to put the caravan into “perspective” and ended up with some bizarre numbers. (Photo Credit: ORLANDO ESTRADA/AFP/Getty Images)

Since the massive horde of migrants hurtling toward America formed, we had our suspicions. A group of thousands, walking on foot to the U.S., doesn’t just happen. It must be organized.

Journalists who speak with members of the group find that they all have the same, token responses. Now, there is word that more caravans are forming in other countries.

Clearly, this was orchestrated and organized by someone. CBS and Breitbart news both say the group was organized by “activists”. In my opinion, that strongly suggests that liberal groups in America are behind this crisis.

President Donald Trump has made it clear that the caravan will not be allowed into the country. Refugee groups can only enter when fleeing war-torn countries. And the president himself sets limits on how many can enter a year. This group admits that they are not fleeing for their lives. Honduras isn’t war-torn. They are simply seeking economic benefits from the United States.

Yesterday, Trump urged the caravan to turn around. Some of the migrants are following his orders.

Yet still, most of the migrants continue towards America, brashly expecting to be given handouts and welcomed into our country.

We know this is a disaster for the Democrats. With midterms around the corner, America watches as thousands try to invade our country. This is partly happening due to the Democrats’ weak and pathetic immigration policy.

Democrats attract illegal aliens with promises of jobs and government handouts. Under former President Barack Obama, they instituted policies that helped welcome and keep aliens who enter illegally. Liberal-run cities and states protect illegals from federal authorities, through sanctuary laws. And Democrats in Congress continue to obstruct Trump’s border wall.

This caravan fiasco is entirely the left’s fault. So, the left is trying to distract from the news. That failed. Now, others are trying to make the caravan seem like no big deal.

A New York Times writer tried to bash President Trump and make light of the caravan. In a tweet, he tried to make it seem like the caravan isn’t a “real challenge” by spitting out a few statistics. But it’s clear his math was way off. And people noticed.

It’s hard to figure out what this New York Times’ writer is trying to say. We gather he is trying to put the caravan “into perspective” by claiming “real” problems that Americans are facing. “Why get upset about a few thousand strangers assaulting our border, when a billion Americans are homeless and dropping dead of drugs!?”

Um, that’s not nearly a good enough excuse. Numerous people pointed out his bizarre and creative “calculations” as false. Plus, trying to mitigate the severity of this caravan by pointing to other issues does nothing. We have a real crisis on our hands in the form of thousands of migrants trying to barge their way into our country. These people will demand government funds in the form of housing, food, and other living expenses.

Americans have the right to be upset.

Kristof spews out a few “statistics” that even some basic research can debunk. Yet he uses those numbers as a reason to slam the president. And the left-wing media still wonders why we don’t trust them.

But all his “back-of-envelope calculations” overlook an ugly fact.

Maybe Nicholas Kristof should reevaluate his position. This respected New York Times reporter is sounding a lot like a Democrat propagandist.