After Kanye Makes History at White House, CNN Slams Him & Every Trump Supporter

Yesterday, superstar Kanye West appeared with Donald Trump and numerous reporters at the Oval Office. The left-wing media was stunned by Kanye’s impassioned words, calling it a “rant.” Meanwhile, millions around the country are taking him seriously. But not CNN’s Ana Navarro. She joined the ranks of miserable leftists when she slammed the celebrated artist.

CNN’s Ana Navarro exposed her true feelings about Kanye West’s support of President Donald Trump. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/YouTube)

It’s hard to ignore a figure like Kanye West. Even if you’re not a long-time fan of hip-hop, you know his name. The award-winning, chart-topping artist has been a force in the music business for many years. Aside from that, he has other ventures, like his clothing line with Adidas, that are making serious waves.

But in recent years, he has been capturing the public eye in ways nobody expected. Since the election, Kanye has become more and more vocal about his support of Donald Trump. Earlier in the year he “broke the Internet” when he tweeted a picture of himself wearing a MAGA hat. Liberals across the country could not believe a successful black celebrity would openly endorse a man they all agreed we should hate.

The reality is, they were terrified. For decades, African Americans have been expected to support the Democratic Party. Why? Because they’ve been convinced that Democrats — and only Democrats — care about black people.

That’s more than questionable. Liberal policies like welfare, food stamps, government housing, and Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill in the 90’s have done irreparable damage to black families. More and more evidence suggests that Democrats use African Americans for votes, but leave them in the dust once they enter office.

How they treat black conservatives is another sign. Democrats speak very fondly of African Americans when they vote Democrat. But just let one black person endorse Donald Trump (or any conservative) and the left goes haywire. From Ben Carson to Candace Owens, black conservatives are insulted, maligned, and mistreated in the liberal media.

Kanye recently made even more waves by appearing in the Oval Office, sitting across from President Trump. With a swarm of reporters around him, Kanye gave a passionate speech about the conditions of black Americans — and how Democrats have let them down. He went on to, once again, show his support for Trump.

That’s really a sight to behold. Kanye’s speech has been labeled as a “rant” by many news outlets on the left. CNN’s Ana Navarro, pretending to appear sympathetic towards Kanye, shared some truly ugly comments about the rapper.

The way the Left behaved yesterday after Kanye showed President Trump some love tells us everything we need to know about what their party has become and who they really are. We knew they were smug, we knew they were sanctimonious and self-serving, but wow, even we were taken aback from the gross way they treated Kanye.

And looking back, the way they’ve treated any celebrity or average citizen for supporting Trump.

Look at this crap from Ana Navarro:

So because they agree with Trump and may have Right leanings, that makes them crazy? [Source: Twitchy]

Navarro tries to sound kind-hearted and wise by saying “it’s not about the political opinion they have,” yet the two people she singles out are strong, outspoken, and popular Trump supporters.

How dare a Jewish woman and black man support Donald Trump! They must have mental problems, right? Because there is no way a talented, intelligent, successful black man can believe in the same values as President Trump. Values like putting Americans first, bringing back jobs, ending the opioid crisis, improving schools, rebuilding the working and middle classes.

It’s very telling that Navarro includes Roseanne when mentioning Kanye. Do you see what she’s doing? Roseanne honestly did something wrong when she posted that tweet. It was in poor taste and unsurprisingly branded as racist. But Kanye’s done no such thing. He isn’t doing anything remotely considered racist.

When Roseanne posted that tweet, everyone was upset, including conservatives. It was universally wrong. Navarro is trying to paint Kanye as being in the same boat. That’s pretty underhanded.

From all appearances, Kanye is supporting Trump because of what he’s doing for black Americans. Trump is actually making good on his word by bringing jobs back into this country. You can’t argue with the dropping unemployment rate, especially among black workers.

Yet Navarro thinks Kanye must be mentally ill for supporting a man who is helping African Americans. Let that sink in.

It didn’t take long for patriots online to fire back at Navarro.

Meanwhile, more and more black Americans are starting to talk and ask questions. When a figure like Kanye does something so brave, millions take notice. Don’t be surprised if many more African Americans #WalkAway from the Democratic Party this fall. Be sure to share this story if you agree with Kanye.

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