Broward County AVIS Employee Peaks In Back Of Rental Car, Floored By What He Sees

Broward County, Florida has been hit with yet another scandal after the shocking discovery made by an AVIS rental car employee over the weekend. When the worker peaked in the back of a car which had recently been returned to the airport, he was floored by what he saw.

On Sunday night, investigative journalist Laura Loomer revealed that provisional ballot boxes from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office were discovered in the back of an AVIS rental car at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

The car had been rented to a man by the name of Noah Holliman. According to attorney and Broward GOP State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli, Holliman is a Democrat who donated to Andrew Gillum’s campaign.

A Facebook search of the name “Noah Holliman” turns up one user living in the Fort Lauderdale area. In one photo, Holliman poses proudly with Gillum. It appears as though he may have worked for the Gillum campaign.

Noah Holliman and Andrew Gillum (Photo Credit: Noah Holliman Jr/Facebook)

“Pictures taken at the scene show two boxes,” stated Loomer. “One box is red, and the other is grey. The grey box is labeled ‘PROVISIONAL BALLOT BOX’ with a sign that says ‘Broward County Supervisor of Elections’, a purple tag that says ‘ERT region 13’, and a backwards yellow tag with a seven digit numerical and five letter code.”

Broward GOP State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli received a call from an AVIS employee on Sunday informing him of the found ballot boxes after sheriff’s deputies were initially unwilling to investigate. Approximately 20 minutes after receiving the tip, however, a heavy police presence arrived and blocked off traffic to the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Then, a bomb threat was announced.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office tweeted, “Our deputies and bomb squad are responding to a report of a suspicious package outside @FLLFlyer Terminal 4.” The Sheriff’s Office later tweeted an “all-clear.”

Laura Loomer noted that while the media was in Terminal 4 reporting on a suspicious package that was literally tweeted from the official Twitter account of the Broward Sheriffs Office, there was never a bomb at all.

“The FBI needs to kick in the door, interview all board of election employees, shutter the Broward County elections offices, seize all the ballots and put a stop to the Democrats disrupting the elections,” said GOP operative Ali Alexander with StopTheSteal, a campaign established to collect intelligence and document alleged election malfeasance amid the Florida ballot controversies. “This is a bigger story than we could have ever imagined and Floridians and the entire country demand answers.”

Coincidentally, this is not the first time ballots have been surreptitiously discovered in the back of a car during a hotly-contested election:

In 2008, Al Franken, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Minnesota, trailed his Republican opponent by 215 votes out of 2.9 million cast. After working a protracted recount and a legal battle over disputed absentee ballots and ballots said to be counted twice, he was abruptly declared the “winner” by 312 votes. A box of Democratic ballots helpfully turned up in the trunk of a car. [Source: The Washington Times]

So, to recap all of that for you, a Democrat who appears to have worked for the Gillum campaign rented a car which he returned with two boxes full of ballots in the back seat. The sheriff’s office didn’t seem to think that was an issue until a Republican politician was notified, at which point law enforcement seemingly staged a bomb threat in order to keep reporters away from the scene.

Nothing to see here, folks! Move along…

At this point, there is no question as to the fact that there has been an alarming amount of voter fraud taking place in Broward County, Florida. Sadly, it seems these antics are only par for the course.

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