California Farmers Fed-Up With Democrats, Erect Billboard To Send Bold Message

California may have earned itself a reputation as one of the most liberal states in the nation, but there are millions of hard-working conservatives who live there, particularly in the various agricultural communities. When farmers got fed-up with the Democrat politicians running their state, they bought a billboard to show just where their allegiance lies. Rest assured, most people never thought they would see these images on a sign in California.

Despite California’s penchant for communist legislation, there are actually many staunch conservatives who reside throughout the state. And when Donald J. Trump ran for president, they came out in droves to vote for him, seeing a golden opportunity to right the ship which former President Barack Obama had tried his best to sink.

Trump secured nearly 4.5 million votes in California in 2016. Although that was not enough to keep the state’s 55 electoral votes from going to his opponent, Hillary Clinton, if 4.5 million people turned out to vote red in a gubernatorial election, California could actually elect a Republican governor.

Off Highway 152 on an over-sized digital billboard just outside of Los Banos, California, an unexpectedly supportive message for President Donald Trump has been spotted. Los Banos is a farming community that is, ironically, 65% Latino American. A driver passing by the sign snapped a picture and posted it to Reddit, where it’s gotten lots of attention.

Next to a portrait of President Trump, the sign displays just two bold words: Thank you. Another message also flashes on the digital billboard, this one for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh: Congratulations Your Honor.

A supportive message for President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is displayed proudly on a digital billboard. (Photo Credit: Reddit)

The message is clear — California conservatives want to thank the president for following through with one of the key promises that he made to voters on the campaign trail; namely, to appoint conservative judges. It’s a welcome message, particularly after the tense battle to confirm Kavanaugh, who was raked through the coals by Democrats who were seemingly willing to employ any and all dirty tactics to destroy the well-respected judge’s unimpeachable reputation.

It would appear that Republican support is building as the November midterm elections near. If a sign like the one above was spotted in a liberal haven like California, just imagine how much support the GOP has in the rest of the nation.

Apparently, that “Blue Wave” they warned us was coming is nothing to be worried about at all. It wouldn’t be the first time we heard a lie about projected election results.

Of course, it makes perfect sense why Trump would have such overwhelming support — even in the most progressive corners of the country, even at a time in his term when most presidents start losing steam and approval points. Trump has systematically delivered on every single vow he made to voters on the campaign trail, and he achieved it in record time.

He strengthened our military, he turned the economy around, and he is building the impenetrable border wall he promised, even as the Democrats work overtime to stand in his way. And this is just a short list of the president’s many accomplishments. Indeed, it is almost unbelievable how much he has done to make America great again, all in less than two years on the job.

His supporters don’t want this momentum to stop. It’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen in their lifetimes. We were brought back from the brink of losing our great nation to the clutches of socialism, and it’s all thanks to Donald J. Trump, a man who had no previous political experience under his belt before defeating the deep state and winning the White House against all odds.

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