WATCH: CNN Screams “TRUMP’S A LIAR!” — Footage From 2011 Shuts Them Up

CNN is again claiming that President Donald Trump is a “liar.” This time, it’s thanks to comments the president made during a Sunday interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace. However, footage from 2011 just resurfaced, shutting the liberal network up after telling their latest lie.

Donald Trump in a 2011 interview with Piers Morgan. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Twitter)

During his interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday, President Donald Trump accused Pakistan of not “doing a damn thing” to assist the United States in the War on Terror, despite the U.S. sending billions of dollars in aid to the Islamic country.

Trump also accused Pakistan of sheltering Osama bin Laden before his death in May 2011 and said the U.S. could have captured Osama sooner than they did.

“(Osama bin Laden) lived in Pakistan. We’re supporting Pakistan. We gave them $1.3 billion dollars a year, which we don’t give them anymore by the way. I ended it, because they don’t do anything for us. They don’t do a damn thing for us,” said the president.

Below is a transcript of President Donald Trump’s exchange with Chris Wallace on the topic of Osama bin Laden and Pakistan, via RealClear Politics:

CHRIS WALLACE: Bill McRaven, Retired Admiral, Navy Seal, 37 years, former head of U.S. Special Operations —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Hillary Clinton fan.

WALLACE: Special Operations —

TRUMP: Excuse me, Hillary Clinton fan.

WALLACE: Who led the operations, commanded the operations that took down Saddam Hussein and that killed Osama bin Laden says that your sentiment is the greatest threat to democracy in his lifetime.

TRUMP: OK, he’s a Hilary Clinton, uh, backer and an Obama-backer and frankly —

WALLACE: He was a Navy Seal 37 years —

TRUMP: Wouldn’t it have been nice if we got Osama Bin Laden a lot sooner than that, wouldn’t it have been nice? You know, living – think of this – living in Pakistan, beautifully in Pakistan in what I guess they considered a nice mansion, I don’t know, I’ve seen nicer. But living in Pakistan right next to the military academy, everybody in Pakistan knew he was there. And we give Pakistan $1.3 billion a year and they don’t tell him, they don’t tell him —

WALLACE: You’re not even going to give them credit —

TRUMP: For years —

WALLACE: for taking down Bin Laden?

TRUMP: They took him down but – look, look, there’s news right there, he lived in Pakistan, we’re supporting Pakistan, we’re giving them $1.3 billion a year, which we don’t give them anymore, by the way, I ended it because they don’t do anything for us, they don’t do a damn thing for us.

Although the president is being vilified for suggesting that the United States could have and should have taken out bin Laden much sooner, he is certainly not the first to express this sentiment. When bin Laden was finally killed, many people questioned the timing of his demise, as it came just before a national election when Barack Obama was campaigning hard to beat his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. With Obama able to take credit for the slaying of bin Laden, it no doubt helped him secure a second term in the White House.

Sunday was also not the first time Donald Trump accused Pakistan of harboring bin Laden, despite the fact that CNN called him a liar for saying he suspected the Islamic country of housing the terrorist, dubbing his comments “preposterous.”

In an interview from February 2011, Trump told Piers Morgan that “Pakistan probably has Osama bin Laden.” The clip is from CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight:

Indeed, it was no secret that Pakistan probably knew where bin Laden was hiding out. As Trump noted, he should have been an easy man to find, due to his physical appearance. So why vilify Trump now for an opinion he and many others have been expressing for many years? More fake news from a network that no one ought to trust anymore.

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