De Niro Attacks ‘Jerkoff’ Trump: ‘Down With This Mother-F*cker’ — Instantly Regrets It

Robert De Niro is once again attacking President Donald Trump, this time at the expense of comedian Billy Crystal. De Niro was attending a black-tie event and was tasked with presenting Crystal with the Friars Club’s entertainment icon award. But immediately he launched into a profanity-laced tirade directed at Trump, screaming, “I just get so upset with that jerkoff in the White House! Down with this mother-f*cker!” Well, poor Bobby instantly regretted ever opening his mouth.

Robert De Niro (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Billy Crystal was honored by the famous Friars Club in New York City, Monday night. But you wouldn’t have known that if you only heard Robert De Niro. Usually, when you’re asked to present an award to someone, it’s expected that you’ll focus your speech on the person getting the award.

Yet, Bobby De Niro, suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, got up on stage at the Friars Club to present Billy Crystal with their entertainment icon award and said, “F*ck Crystal!” Which startled the audience into nervous laughter.

Then, the 75-year-old actor immediately added out of nowhere, “I just get so upset with that jerkoff in the White House,” as the audience erupted in boos. “Boo is right! Down with this motherfucker!”

With Crystal standing on stage with De Niro now, the Goodfellas star turned to the legendary comedian and suggested that Crystal should run for president, saying, “We’ve got a dangerous buffoon-in-chief. What we need is a heroic comedian-in-chief.”

De Niro went on to joke that Crystal may be too honest to be president. And then he played the race card, saying, “As much as we could use you in the never-been-more-white White House, I think it’s best to keep you right where you are — making us laugh and entertaining us like no one else.”

But De Niro was barking up the wrong tree with Billy Crystal. The 70-year-old comedian has not attacked President Donald Trump, viciously. Sure, Crystal has made jokes about Trump, but with the same measure as he has about Bill and Hillary Clinton and other politicians.

So, De Niro must have instantly regretted his vile remarks when Crystal refused to join him in trashing the president. In fact, according to Breitbart News, Crystal only later joked that he might be interested in seeing a roast of Donald Trump sometime in the future.

Well, that’s not a vicious attack. All comedians like to use the current president as the butt of jokes. And not all jokes are in bad taste. Like when Billy Crystal appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and he related an issue he had when a Trump supporter was heckling him.

Crystal said a woman kept screaming over and over, “Honor the president,” at one of his shows. Scared he was losing the audience and the disruption was too much, Crystal decided to take a page from President Trump’s handbook.

“Ma’am, I’m going to use your own president’s words on you if you love him so much,” said Crystal. “Get her out!” Now, this is funny and it does not degrade the president in any way. We all loved it when during Trump’s presidential campaign rallies the rabid protesters would sneak in and then attempt a disruption, and the president would yell, “Get them out!”

Crystal even admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that he isn’t a “big puncher” when he uses politics or politicians in his jokes. Meaning, he isn’t going to start dropping the “F-bomb” or try and utterly destroy anyone for the sake of a laugh, or applause, like Robert De Niro.

Robert De Niro should take a page from Billy Crystal. He knows his place and his value to Americans is making us laugh. While Billy Crystal is a known Democrat, he doesn’t cross the line into degrading anyone.

America used to be a place where even in our differing political opinions we were all loyal Americans. But not anymore. The rabid leftists who want a socialistic/communistic society are taking over the Democratic Party. They will use violence to obtain their goals.

Useful idiots like Robert De Niro help these anarchists by getting up on a stage and turning it into a bully pulpit viciously attacking the president. So, as we get closer to the 2020 election it will be imperative to point out the Democrats are no longer a liberal political party, they have become an anti-American party of godless socialists who want America to become Venezuela. That’s why we must stay the course and re-elect President Trump in 2020.

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