After De Niro Receives Pipe Bomb, Gets Caught Doing What Democrats Claim To Hate

Robert De Niro broke his silence after one of the pipe bombs ended up at his Tribeca Grill. When the 75-year-old Trump-hater opened his mouth, he was caught red-handed doing the one thing Democrats have been condemning, and it’s all downright sick. Don’t miss this.

Robert De Niro (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Most supporters of President Donald Trump know very well that Robert De Niro has been trashing the president since before he got elected. After Trump won, De Niro ratcheted up his attacks to include violent imagery. And, every time he got in front of a crowd, he couldn’t help himself. He had to bash the president no matter the event.

During the 2018 Tony Awards, the elderly actor let loose. As Variety reported, “Robert De Niro had a few choice words for President Donald Trump while the legendary actor was on stage at Sunday’s Tony Awards to introduce Bruce Springsteen’s musical performance.”

“I’m going to say one thing, F— Trump,” De Niro said while pumping his fists in the air. “It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump.’ It’s f— Trump.” Then, there was the time De Niro doubled down about wanting to punch the president in the face.

“While appearing on The View, Robert De Niro addressed controversial comments he made about wanting to punch Donald Trump in the face last year, saying his feelings haven’t changed since the former reality television host was elected president,” reports Entertainment Weekly.

The Goodfellas actor told co-host Joy Behar, “How dare he say that to the crowd? How dare he say the things he does? Of course, I want to punch him in the face!”

Those are just a few examples out of many. But, what does he do after being the recipient of one of the so-called pipe bombs? He was caught redhanded politicizing it as a way to get votes for the Democrats, of course.

“I thank God no one’s been hurt, and I thank the brave and resourceful security and law enforcement people for protecting us,” De Niro told The Wrap. “There’s something more powerful than bombs, and that’s your vote. People MUST vote!

Well, wouldn’t you know, Governor Andrew Cuomo called De Niro “an American hero,” saying “an attack on De Niro is an attack on our country,” even though the celebrity Trump-hater used it as a way to gin up votes. But, when President Trump tweeted out about the political fallout, Cuomo condemned him.

Trump tweeted, “Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this ‘Bomb’ stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows – news not talking politics. Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!”

Cuomo said on CNN, “It’s [Trump’s tweet] wholly inappropriate. I never thought he made the transition to the presidency. He [only] sees this situation through a political lens. He’s worried about the election, he wants to win the election. And, that starts the anger all over again.”

Trump makes it clear he is talking about “news not politics,” and he isn’t asking for votes but making an observation. Trump has openly condemned the attacks numerous times, but De Niro is an American hero?

But, there’s more from the Hollywood crowd’s never-ending idiocy.

Breitbart reports, “D-list comedian Kathy Griffin, in her eternal quest for relevance, has made it clear that she will not be intimidated by mail bombings, even though she has not been targeted.”

Kathy Griffin told The Wrap, “For the past three years, many people have warned that the rhetoric coming from Donald Trump would end up encouraging the kind of conduct we’ve seen in the past 48 hours with prominent politicians and former top officials receiving pipe bombs in the mail.”

The 57-year-old said that she had “seen firsthand the kind of hate and threats the president and his family can gin up with their statements and tweets. I will not be intimidated by them or anyone else.” Griffin’s statement is puzzling because she was not in fact targeted by any bombs, and she’s the one who held up the imagery of Trump’s bloody, severed head, as we all remember.

If anyone is using the pipe bombs to score political points, it’s overwhelmingly the Democrats and their cohorts in the media and Tinsel Town. They have been non-stop blasting Trump as if he was the one to send the bombs. All we can hope for, now that it’s over, is that we can get back to focusing on the real issues facing this country.

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