Democrats Big Lie: Kids In Caravan Used For Sick Purpose, Americans Rescue Them

As the Democrats argue that the migrant caravan is full of women and children fleeing violence, we now know it’s just the opposite. The migrant caravan itself is full of sick individuals who are using helpless children for sick purposes. Judicial Watch is embedded in the caravan, and they uncovered the sick truth as seven children were rescued. All Americans need to see this.

MS-13 gang members (left), Migrant children rescued by Americans (right) (Photo Credit: Fox News/Screenshot, Judicial Watch/Twitter)

Thank goodness Judicial Watch has embedded themselves inside the caravan. Now, we have firsthand knowledge that what the Democrats are telling us is untrue. From the video, we can see the migrant caravan is made up mostly of men between the ages of 17-50, and there are hardly any women and young children.

But, there are a few children who are being used for a sick purpose. This is exactly why these caravans need to stop. The caravans are creating crimes, and the criminals are using the children.

In a series of tweets, Judicial Watch reports, “EXCLUSIVE: Judicial Watch is on the ground in Guatemala & can report that authorities just recovered seven unaccompanied minors from human smugglers operating inside a Central American caravan. A photo from a very senior Guatemalan government official can be seen below.”

“Guatemalan authorities have taken these children into custody — and the children are being given medical check-ups, food, water, & so on. Smugglers have already been arrested, and the broader investigation into criminal activity within the caravan(s) is still ongoing,” adds Judicial Watch via a tweet. But there’s more.

Thanks to Judicial Watch alerting the Guatemalan authorities, these children won’t face the continued exploitation. Their fate, as other reports tell us, is they could be sold into slavery or prostitution after they are no longer needed as the smugglers get into the United States.

These children are used as ploys by drug cartels. The Daily Beast reports, “Over the past decade, after long existing side by side with coyotes, the cartels decided to get in on the action. Now, they’re turning what was once a relatively informal and somewhat familial underground operation into a highly sophisticated human trafficking network.”

“This caravan deal presents an opportunity for incredible criminal activity,” said Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch’s director of investigations, who returned from Central America where he spent time tracking the caravan.

The Washington Times reports, “He [Farell] said he saw among the caravan men with gothic-script ‘MS’ tattoos, which would likely make them members of the violent MS-13 gang President Trump has said infiltrated the caravan. He also saw what Border Patrol agents refer to as ‘special interest aliens’ — those from countries outside the usual set of nations that send economic migrants.”

Then, there’s the video Judicial Watch produced which shows you what’s going on inside this caravan. The first migrant speaking says, “They [caravan migrants] are from China, there are Indians, there are people from Brazil, there are people from all over the world.”

One woman states she wants to go to the United States “for work,” and she says that she heard about the caravan on the “TV news.” Basically, she looks well nourished and had a TV. This woman just wants a better life. She is not fleeing for her life, at all.

The Democrats are lying about this caravan. The majority of the migrants are men. It’s extremely dangerous to be in the caravan, and children are getting exploited in the worst way. Others are under the assumption that America has open borders, and if you don’t like your life, well, come on in.

This is despicable. We already have 22 million illegal aliens in the United States. Some of them are violent criminals, and all have broken the law by illegally immigrating. This information is what the Democrats don’t want you to know. Spread it far and wide. We can’t afford to let them win the midterms.

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