Hero Speaks Out After Seeing Innocents Gunned Down, Let’s Make Him Famous

One carjacker on a shooting spree at Walmart learned a lesson… the hard way. Americans now know that he met his fate at the hands of an armed pastor.

When a Washington state hero made headlines for stopping a brutal slaying at a Tumwater Walmart, no one knew the identity of the unnamed concealed carry holder who sprang into action after seeing two innocent bystanders gunned down by the crazed criminal. Now, we know who he is.

A Guns In the News author accurately described 47-year-old, David George as a Black Robe Regiment-style preacher, who protected innocent people from a savage wolf.

David George explains what happened during a press conference. (Photo Credit: Youtube)

After Thurston County police received calls of an active shooter, they reported that Tim Day allegedly went into the store, fired a weapon at a display that held ammunition, and then fled.

“Two shoppers in the store were legally carrying firearms and heard the shots,” police reported. “The shoppers observed the suspect with a gun, and followed him to the parking lot.”

Day tried to steal a car in the parking lot, but when the driver failed to follow orders, he savagely shot the driver.

“The suspect then approached a second car and driver. When the driver backed away, one of the armed citizens shot the suspect who died at the scene,” police said.

Officials added that after the good Samaritan had shot the suspect, he performed first aid until police arrived.

Americans now know that hero was David George, an area pastor.

KOMO news reported, “David George, who is an emergency medical technician with the Oakville Fire Department and a pastor at the Oakville Assembly of God, described his harrowing experience at a Wednesday news conference in his hometown.”

After being cleared of any wrongdoing, he came forward to explain his actions during the rampage:

“My family and I were at Walmart on Sunday afternoon to make an exchange. I was speaking with an employee at the customer service desk while my wife, daughter, and grand-daughter were in a check-out line to purchase additional items.

“I heard shots fired near the back of the store. I am a concealed weapon carrier and permit holder, with significant training in the use of firearms and some of the legalities involved in a defensive encounter. As a volunteer firefighter I have also received active shooter training. In addition, I am also a credentialed range safety officer. I train regularly to be proficient with the firearm I carry and to do so in a safe and responsible manner.

“All that to say, I was sure it was gunshots I heard and I was familiar with how I should respond, while considering mine and the public’s safety in the setting of this large store. I was concerned for my own family and sought to find them and exit the building. My daughter, recognizing gunshots, also gathered her daughter and moved quickly to exit the building.

“I did not see my wife and so I continued to look for her as people began to realize the situation and run out of the building. At no time did I draw my firearm in the building.

“While doing so, the gunman came past me waving and pointing his gun and exited the building. I followed carefully, along with another citizen carrying a firearm, unaware of what the shooter would do next or where he would do it.

“The gunman attempted to get a car and when he failed moved to another screaming at the driver. He then shot two times into the driver’s side of the vehicle. When the driver did not or could not respond to his threats he began to travel in the direction that I thought my family to be.

‘At this point I left cover and moved to intercept the gunman. When the gunman began threatening another person for the use of their car, I moved in order to have a safe shot at the gunman. He entered the vehicle, which I considered an even bigger threat and fired to stop the shooter.

“After being hit, the gunman tried to exit the vehicle and fell to the ground. I moved to clear the gunman yelling to him to drop the gun and show me his hands. I determined the gunman was incapacitated and unable to respond at this time.

“It was then that I heard someone associated with the previous gunshot victim yelling for help that her friend/husband had been shot. I directed the other armed citizen to remain with the gunman and retrieved my jump bag/first aid bag from my nearby vehicle in order to render aid to the previous gunshot victim. I am an EMT with Oakville Fire Dept. and I responded as my duty and training instructed.”

“I acted on Sunday to protect my family and others from the gunman and his display of obvious deadly intent. This is in accordance with both by training as an emergency responder and calling as a pastor, husband, father and grandfather.

“I am grieved that the shooter’s reckless actions endangered and hurt numerous individuals and demanded that he be stopped before doing more harm. My family, my congregation and I are praying for the gunshot victim’s full recovery and for all those that are suffering as a result of Sunday night’s tragic events, including the shooter’s family.”

George’s swift actions could have saved many others that day, and a number of people thank God that he was at the right place, at the right time to prevent further bloodshed.

This incident proves how crucial the Second Amendment is for personal defense. In a culture that seems more dangerous than ever, having the means to defend yourself and others from violence and evil is not a luxury, it is the right of every citizen of the United States.

This incident stands as a warning to gun grabbers who look to infringe the Second Amendment every chance they get. If you support the actions of this hero, please help us make him famous and applaud his efforts be sharing this article with your friends.