CNN’s Acosta Calls Trump A White Nationalist, Instantly Regrets His Dumb Comment

On Monday night, CNN’s Jim Acosta said that President Donald Trump is a “deceptive, dishonest person.” So when the CNN reporter rudely confronted Trump inside the Oval Office yesterday and said, “What you really mean is that you’re a white nationalist,” Trump likely forced him to regret making such a stupid comment. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump (left) CNN’s Jim Acosta (right) (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

President Donald Trump continued his contentious relationship with CNN’s Jim Acosta Tuesday afternoon in the Oval Office. Acosta asked Trump a series of questions and follow-ups that the president ultimately shut down.

Acosta was trying to make the short presser about himself, and right away the president wasn’t going to have that, telling the anti-Trump reporter, “I will get back to you. Wait, wait, wait. Wait. I’m going to get back to you.” President Trump had to repeat himself as Acosta wouldn’t stop shouting at him.

Finally, Acosta got his chance, as Breitbart reports that President Donald Trump defined nationalism for CNN reporter Jim Acosta, saying that he’s “so proud of our country.”

“Mr. President, just to follow up on your comments about being a nationalist – there is a concern that you are sending coded language or a dog whistle to some Americans out there that what you really mean is that you’re a white nationalist?” Jim Acosta asked in the Oval Office.

Of course, Acosta is the one doing the dog whistling by including the word “white” in front of nationalist. This fits in with the left’s main narrative that Trump and his supporters are all Nazis.

“I’ve never even heard that, I can’t imagine that,” Trump said. “I’ve never heard that theory about being a nationalist.” Referring to Acosta suggesting that anyone who claims to be a nationalist could be a white supremacist.

Trump also said, “I am very proud of our country. We cannot continue to allow what’s happened to our country to continue happening. We can’t let it happen. So I’m proud. I’m proud of our country, and I am a nationalist. It’s a word that hasn’t been used too much. Some people use it, but I’m very proud. I think it should be brought back.”

“All I want our country is to be treated well, to be treated with respect. For many years, other countries that are allies of ours – so-called allies – they have not treated our country fairly. So in that sense, I am absolutely a nationalist, and I’m proud of it,” the president also told Acosta.

“A globalist is a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly, not caring about our country so much,” the president said. “You know what I am? I’m a nationalist. Okay? A nationalist. Use that word.”

Poor Jim Acosta. He got shut down and once again, President Donald Trump left him in a proverbial puddle of liberal tears. Acosta was extremely upset after this presser and he quickly started whining on Twitter. Trump supporters blasted the CNN reporter.

Let’s be crystal clear: calling yourself a nationalist means you are a proud American and aren’t part of the globalists which are for open borders. If you’re a Russian and call yourself a “nationalist,” that means you are a proud Russian and want Russia’s needs to come first.

This is very simple, but it’s an important concept to understand. The Democrats are now all globalists, and they want nothing more than open borders and to do away with ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement.)

Acosta also got caught showing his absolute bias against Trump, which is something a real reporter isn’t supposed to do. Breitbart reports, CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta said that covering President Donald Trump’s rallies makes him “depressed” during a panel at an event in New York Monday.

“If you want to ask me what makes me most depressed about my job, it’s covering the rallies. It gets to the larger point of what it’s like covering the President of the United States, and in particular Donald Trump,” Acosta said, according to AdWeek.

“In many ways, the danger is not what Trump is doing to America, the danger is how America is changing under Trump,” he added. The CNN reporter also said that Trump was a “deceptive, dishonest person.”

Acosta also said that seeing Trump “whip people up at rally after rally after rally is the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen, as a journalist.”

So to Jimmy Acosta, what he really loathes are Trump supporters.

He sees Trump supporters as delusional, brainwashed people who are all white supremacists. He thinks if he can just expose Trump as Adolf Hitler, then people will change their minds. The problem is leftists like Acosta have no idea, nor do they care to know, what makes regular middle-class Americans tick.

Americans who identify as Trump supporters are the heart and soul of America. We are the silent majority no more, who “got woke” under Barack Obama’s presidency. We saw the coming destruction of the Republic under the radical leftists lead by Barack Obama and we said, “Not on our watch.”

Those elites in New York and Los Angeles like Jim Acosta will never understand that President Trump was willing to stand up to their plots and schemes. He said that he would “Make America Great Again,” and we responded by making him our president.

And he has delivered and continues to fight the good fight against the forces of evil. Now, Acosta and his ilk are raging mad, but we won’t back down. Our children’s future is at stake, and we won’t allow liars and globalists to steal their inheritance. Spread the word far and wide, vote red in the midterms and give President Trump the Congress he deserves to enact his 2020 campaign slogan to “Keep America Great.”

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