Jim Carrey Savagely Attacks Trump, Claims Hillary Clinton Was Lesser Of 2 Evils

Former comedian Jim Carrey went on an unsolicited rant against President Donald Trump and Republicans, calling them cancerous rapists who are a threat to national security. This is not surprising. The real shocker is what he accidentally admitted about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Jim Carrey and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Hollywood celebrities came out in full force to support Democrats Beto O’Rourke, Stacey Abrams, and Andrew Gillum, but they all lost to Republicans. A solid case can be made that Hollywood’s support for Hillary Clinton is why Donald Trump is President.

For some strange reason, average Americans don’t like a bunch of rich coastal elitists telling them how to think and vote. Celebrity political opinions are worthless, and yet they persist.

Jim Carrey made an appearance at Vulture Fest in Los Angeles over the weekend. It’s unclear what Vulture Fest is, other than a gathering of D-list celebrities, but it may be something like Comic-Con, except nobody really cares about it. Whatever this thing is, Jim Carrey used it as a forum to display his political ignorance and insanity, as documented by The Hollywood Reporter.

Carrey called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “incredibly dangerous, a threat to homeland security.”

The cool thing about being a ranting celebrity kook is that the liberal media will never ask them to explain any of the crazy things they say. It’s Carrey’s position that Mitch McConnell is a threat to national security. In what way? Carrey didn’t elaborate on this fact-free accusation, because he had more nonsense to spew.

“These are not people you can deal with. You cannot be bipartisan with a criminal. A rapist needs to be removed, not negotiated with. These people are raping our system, they’re destroying it right in front of us. …This corrupt Republican congress that was…These people have to be removed from our system because they’re bad for us,” Carrey said.

Under Trump and the Republicans, the economy is the best that it’s been in most people’s lifetime. Anyone who wants a job can get one, and there’s a weird outbreak of world peace and fair trade. This is not bad for “us,” it’s just bad for the liberal Hollywood elitists.

“Trump is a melanoma, and anybody that covers for him, including Sarah Sanders, is putting makeup on it. It shows that there’s a deeper problem in this country, and that problem is greed,” said Carrey.

So the problem of greed in this country is proven by Trump being skin cancer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders putting makeup on him? This must have sounded good in Carrey’s head, but it went to crap when it came out of his mouth.

After calling the natural death of Aretha Franklin a “f*cking injustice” and saying that Christians are immoral, Carrey then accidentally called Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “evil.” In discussing the hilarious possibility of a Kamala Harris/Beto O’Rourke ticket in 2020, Carrey said, “I would love to vote in this decade for someone that’s not the lesser of the evils.”

Canadian Jim Carrey became a US citizen in 2004, so presumably he voted twice for president in this decade: once in 2012 for Obama and again in 2016 for Hillary. Apparently, Carrey thinks these two Democrats are evil, albeit slightly less evil than Republicans Romney and Trump. It’s also possible that Carrey doesn’t know what a decade is. Canadians have the metric system, so maybe they also have a weird way to measure time.

Finally, Carrey endorsed a race war, which he clearly didn’t understand would negatively affect his lily white butt.

“The African-American community has incredible grace in the face of this cancerous hate. They’re unbelievable. I don’t know how they haven’t burned this country down,” said Carrey.

Remember when Jim Carrey was funny? Don’t worry, nobody can, including him. Having abandoned comedy, Carrey seems comfortable in his crusade to elect as many Republicans as possible with his insane leftist rhetoric.

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