Joy & The View Claim WH Female Aide ‘Battered’ Jim Acosta, They Get Nasty Surprise

Whoopi Goldberg led a discussion of The View about the White House revoking the press pass of CNN’s Jim Acosta. Sunny Hostin, who claims to be a lawyer, alleged that “under the law” it was the female aide who battered poor Jim. Joy Behar loved hearing that, and she made a snarky comment which received applause from the leftist audience. Well, many patriots across the country were livid at the hosts of The View and gave them a nasty surprise. You’ll love this.

Sunny Hostin (left), Whoopi Goldberg (middle), Joy Behar (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The View continues to amaze most Americans who can’t believe the show is still on the air. Yesterday, the shrews didn’t disappoint either. All of them are avowed feminists, but it was only Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain who pushed back a tiny bit on this ridiculous notion that the female aide had battered Jim Acosta.

Breitbart reports, “Thursday on ABC’s The View, co-host Sunny Hostin accused a White House aide of committing battery against chief White House correspondent for CNN Jim Acosta. The panel was discussing Acosta blocking a female aide who was trying to take the microphone from him at Wednesday’s press briefing during a heated exchange with President Donald Trump.”

Things got really crazy when Sunny Hostin, who claims to be a former federal prosecutor and legal analyst for ABC News, chimed in, saying, “For me, when I saw that, I mean, I learned very early on that what I saw was battery, not by Jim Acosta, but by the young White House aide.

Picking up a coffee cup, Hostin continued, “If you’re holding something and you snatch this from me, this cup is now an extension of me, and that means you’ve battered me, you’ve assaulted me.” The cup is an extension of her hand? What crazy talk is this?

Joy pipes in over the banter, “Yeah, she [female aide] was told to do it!” Right, everything is some Trump conspiracy with blabbermouth Behar.

Not only are Sunny and Joy dead wrong, coming from a so-called attorney this is downright frightening. Abby Huntsman shot back, “So you’re blaming the woman in this situation for doing her job?”

Hostin rebutted her, “That’s just the law. I’m not assigning blame. I’m telling you what the law is.” Which caused Meghan McCain to quip, “So she should be arrested for battery?” Hostin doubled down, saying, “I’m telling you what the law is.”

Yeah, that’s not the law. In fact, when you look at the video, the White House aide didn’t make contact with Acosta, but he sure did make contact with her. Her intent was not to harm him, but his intent was aggressive in nature. To understand a battery charge, you need to understand that touching another person with hostile or rude intent is all that is needed to claim battery.

Sunny Hostin and her cohorts got a nasty surprise on social media. Deb Ramey was fed-up with Sunny, tweeting, “Sonny, it is not his cup. It is the WH mic. He temporarily had use of it, and he refused to relinquish it when asked. And he shoved her elbow down when she asked a third time.”

One Twitter user named “Jay” really let them have it, posting, “This mic is not an extension of Acosta. It is the WH’s property. When the president directed that Acosta’s time was up, he was required to give the mic to the intern. He refused. Acosta physically prevented the intern from taking the mic to the next reporter. That is battery.”

Twitter user “Lisa” chimed in, tweeting, “They are part of the problem with misinformation. Sunny has a law degree she should know better. Her pal Joy is so dumb she said Senate was won due to gerrymandering.” Yep, The View is a clown show.

That one post alone had over 1,000 responses all bashing the shrews of The View. It’s so obvious these shrews can’t even see straight when it comes to defending the leftist media. Jim Acosta acts out in a horrendous way, and they blame the woman. Disgusting. No wonder The View is the laughingstock and butt of so many jokes across the country.

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