3-Day Drug Bender Turns Horrific As Cops See What Woman Dropped As She Fled

A 23-year-old Florida woman was on a 3-day drug bender when she gained the attention of police. As she barked and ranted about monsters, she tried to flee. That’s when cops saw what she dropped as she ran into traffic, and the horrific moment was all caught on body cam.

Kayla Morgan (Photo Credit: Facebook, Marion County Sheriff’s Office)

Kayla Morgan, a 23-year-old Florida woman, is making a lot of people downright sick after what she was captured doing by a police officer’s body camera. Shockingly, she seems amused by her own behavior, making “duck lips” for her mugshot, but when you read what she did, her blatant disregard for the seriousness of her crime will leave you furious.

It all began when the Marion County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene of Highway 315 and Highway 40 in the Silver Springs neighborhood, where they found 23-year-old Kayla Morgan, Daily Mail reports. As deputies approached her, the Leesburg woman ran into traffic, narrowly missing oncoming vehicles.

Kayla Morgan (Photo Credit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office)

Morgan walked across the road in a zig-zag pattern, hid behind vehicles, and sprinted into oncoming traffic. Her behavior was troubling, but it was about to go from bad to worse. When deputies tried to get her to stop running in and out of traffic, what Morgan purposely dropped there in the street left the officers at the scene horrified.

The woman appeared to be on drugs, barking at people and passing cars, according to witnesses, WFTV reports. Sadly, Morgan, who later admitted to being on a 3-day bender of Molly and methamphetamines, had her newborn baby with her during the drug-induced, chaotic chain of events.

Kayla Morgan (Photo Credit: Facebook, Marion County Sheriff’s Office)

Morgan was holding the infant as if she were carrying a jacket draped over her right arm, allowing him to flail, the arrest report reveals. According to a worker at the apartment complex where the woman moved two months prior, her infant was just six weeks old at the time of the ordeal.

According to police, who have since released the shocking footage captured by the deputy’s body cam, Morgan purposefully dropped the infant on his head as she tried to flee authorities by running down the highway. The clip is difficult to watch.

A bystander rushed to help the child before handing him over to police officers, but the damage was already done. Because of the mother’s heinous actions, the baby suffered a fractured skull, WFLA reports. The Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating the case.

Morgan, who was said to have made a variety of disturbing grunts and sounds, was shocked with a Taser twice and arrested. She told authorities a monster was trying to suck her blood, according to a deputy’s report. She was taken into custody, treated at a hospital, and then charged with aggravated child abuse and resisting an officer without violence.

A passerby grabbed the infant and handed him to an officer at the scene. (Photo Credit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office)

When asked her name, she told the authorities it was “B*tch,” and after seeing the footage of what she did to her newborn son, many would agree with the alias she chose for herself. Drug abuse isn’t a victimless crime. When abusers take a mind-altering substance, they voluntarily give up control of their own brain and body. The consequences of which can be tragic, as we see here.

But, make no mistake, the drug user should be completely responsible for anything they might do during a drug-fueled frenzy, especially to an innocent person who they are supposed to love and care for. This “B*tch,” as she calls herself, chose her own selfish desire to get high over the safety and well-being of her son. At just weeks old, he paid a horrific price for her “good time.” Now, we can only hope a judge knocks the smirk and those “duck lips” right off her smug face.

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