Legal Immigrant Goes On Live TV, Explains How To Enter The Country The Right Way

On Monday, a legal immigrant went on live television to explain something very important to the caravan of migrants headed for the U.S. border — how to enter our country the right way.

Amapola Hansberger appears on “Fox & Friends.” (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Fox News/YouTube)

According to The Daily Caller, a U.S. immigrant from Nicaragua explained how she came to the United States legally on “Fox & Friends” Monday, calling those in the migrant caravan from Honduras a “threat to national security.” Amapola Hansberger referred to the caravan of migrants headed for the U.S. southern border as an “invasion and act of war” against America and said they constitute an “immediate threat.”

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked how Hansberger was able to come to America legally. She explained that she simply followed the process established by the government. “I went to the embassy, filled out forms. [I] submitted myself to the vetting procession and waited patiently for the embassy to approve my coming,” she said. “That’s how people should do it.”

Hansberger said there’s no way to keep track of those who cross the border illegally and noted that some of them could be radicalized terrorists who plan to harm American citizens. “They are a threat to our national security because today — war is not only countries that go to war, it is groups such as ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban,” said Hansberger. “And they have declared war openly against the United States. So with the open borders policies we’ve had, how many of them are in America? That’s the question.”

President Donald Trump expressed the same sentiment during a trip to Arizona on Friday, calling some of the migrants headed for the U.S. border in a caravan from Honduras “hardened criminals.” Specifically, he said, “Some of these people are hard criminals. Hardened criminals — not good people. These are some bad people coming through. These aren’t babies, these aren’t little angels coming into our country.”

Of course, the president’s politically incorrect rhetoric upset many a bleeding-heart liberal in the press. Immediately after Trump’s comments, a reporter from The New York Times chimed in with an accusation that the president is incorrect about the migrants being dangerous people. “What evidence do you have that these are hardened criminals that are coming to the United States?” she asked Trump.

“Oh, please. Please. Don’t be a baby. Okay?” he shot back, shutting the reporter down. “Take a look. Just take a look at what’s happening. Look at the Mexican soldiers that are laying on the ground. Take a look. These are hardened criminals. These are tough, tough people. I don’t want them in our country, and neither does our country want them in our country.”

The American people agree. “I believe that the numbers increase every time they come in successfully and at what point are we going to call them — call the organizers are committing an act of war?” Amapola Hansberger said on Monday. “Is it at 40,000? When they bring in 40,000 strangers?”

Indeed, allowing hoards of undocumented immigrants to infiltrate our border is wholly unfair to those who were patient and went through the proper process in order to come here legally, like Hansberger, who filed the correct paperwork, was thoroughly vetted, and waited her turn until she was granted access to the country.

Moreover, the caravan that is currently headed for our southern border is full of individuals from crime-ridden parts of the world. Cities such as San Pedro Sula and the Tegucigalpa have registered homicide rates among the highest in the world. Thus, it certainly stands to reason that the caravan is chock-full of violent criminals, as President Trump noted Friday in Arizona.

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