Bitter Liberals Try To Take Christ Out Of Christmas, Melania Shuts Them Down

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the White House, thanks to months of tedious and tireless preparations by First Lady Melania Trump. When bitter liberals tried to take Christ out of the holiday, she shut them down in epic fashion. Don’t you just love having a first family that is so committed to the Christian values our country was founded on?

First Lady Melania Trump (left) unveiled a sneak peek of the White House’s Christmas decorations via social media (right) (Photo Credit: GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images, Melania Trump/Twitter)

Liberals across the country have done everything they possibly can to take Christ out of Christmas. Now, public schools take a “Winter Recess” instead of a “Christmas Break,” so as not to offend the people who do not celebrate Christmas. Likewise, those with a penchant for remaining politically correct shudder at the thought of wishing others a “Merry Christmas,” opting for the all-inclusive option: “Happy Holidays.”

But there’s at least one place where that politically correct nonsense just doesn’t fly — 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. President Donald Trump and his lovely wife Melania refuse to back down and will celebrate the birth of our Savior this blessed season. Just as she did last year, Melania is going all out to deck the halls of the People’s House. Indeed, there will be no denying when you step into the White House what the reason for the season truly is.

Over the weekend, Melania posted a sneak peek of the Christmas decorations she’s been working hard on, and she made sure to offer her heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers who are working hard to get the White House ready.

“Thank you to all the volunteers from across our great nation who are working hard to decorate the @whitehouse,” the first lady wrote on social media. “Can’t wait to view it all tomorrow night!” She added the hashtag “#ChristmasattheWhiteHouse.”

Christmas is just around the corner, and First Lady Melania Trump is making sure that the White House is prepared. Trump on Saturday posted a tweet with photos of the decorations being hung at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. One image shows a volunteer attaching Christmas lights to trimming that is placed over a doorway. Another photo shows a woman placing ornaments on a Christmas tree.

The First Lady on Saturday tweeted: ‘Thank you to all the volunteers from across our great nation who are working hard to decorate the White House. Can’t wait to view it all tomorrow night!’ She added the hashtag #ChristmasAtTheWhiteHouse.

Last Monday, as strains of ‘O Christmas Tree’ wafted through the cool air, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump accepted the official White House Christmas tree that will go on display in the Blue Room and anchor the holiday season at the executive mansion.

The 19½-foot tall Fraser fir was cut from a farm owned by Larry Smith of Newland, North Carolina, and delivered to the front door of the White House on a green wagon hitched to a pair of horses. A sign on the wagon said ‘White House Christmas Tree 2018.’ [Source: Daily Mail]

Christmas planning at the White House is a months-long process. In July, Melania Trump tweeted a photo of herself and a designer in the White House Map Room as they looked over holiday concepts. “Planning is underway for this year’s #Christmas at the @WhiteHouse!” she wrote. “There is still a lot of work to be done, but I hope everyone will enjoy our final holiday vision for the People’s House.”

Isn’t it wonderful to have a first lady who wholeheartedly gets into the Christmas spirit and makes sure everyone knows the reason for the season?

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