Bad News For Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) After Ex-Judge Is Accused Of Killing Wife

Things aren’t looking good for Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) and her hopes of challenging Nancy Pelosi for the House Speaker position. She’s been busted after a very unsavory ex-judge has been accused of serious crimes.

Marcia Fudge (left), Lance Mason (right) (Photo Credit: Facebook/Ohio DOC)

Clearly, the #MeToo movement is to call attention to false allegations against conservatives and ignore the real cases of abuse and violence committed by liberals. “Believe all women” comes with the caveat “as long as they are accusing Republicans.”

An ex-judge, who was convicted of beating his wife, has now been arrested in connection with her murder. Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) once wrote a letter of support for this judge at his sentencing for domestic battery. We are inclined to believe, had this judge been white and conservative, Fudge would have believed the accuser, but because he is black and liberal, she believes him.

NPR brings this disturbing report:

In 2014, an Ohio county Judge Lance Mason punched his wife 20 times, repeatedly slamming her head against his car’s dashboard and breaking a bone in her skull — all of it in front of their children.

The beating was so severe that Mason’s wife, Aisha Fraser, required facial reconstruction surgery. She filed for divorce two days after the incident, but that was never finalized. She also successfully sued Mason for $150,000.

Mason was convicted in 2015 of beating Fraser after he pleaded guilty to attempted felonious assault and domestic violence. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison but only served 9 months.

Proving that liberals can do no wrong in the eyes of other liberals, upon his release, Mason was hired by the Cleveland Mayor’s office. What does a liberal have to do to get himself shunned by other liberals?

Mason was removed from the bench and his law license was suspended indefinitely. At the time of his arrest in 2014, police found an arsenal of weapons, ammunition, a bullet-proof vest, and smoke grenades in his house.

On Saturday, Fraser was found stabbed to death in her suburban Cleveland home. Mason’s own sister made the 911 call and told dispatchers that he is the one who killed her. As cops arrived, Mason was still on the scene and attempted to flee. He crashed into a police vehicle, seriously injuring an officer. Mason was arrested and charged with felonious assault for the crash but hasn’t yet been charged with Fraser’s murder.

Even if Mason hadn’t killed his wife, which it certainly looks like he did, he’s still a domestic abusing scumbag. Cleveland 19 reporter Dan DeRoos uncovered a letter of support from Marcia Fudge to the judge, written at the time of Mason’s 2015 sentencing.

“This letter of support, on behalf of Lance T. Mason, comes as a result of more than 20 years of friendship,” wrote Fudge. She called the severe beating of his wife “out of character and totally contrary to everything I know about him.”

After calling Mason a “kind, intelligent man,” Fudge wrote a couple of things she probably wishes she could take back. “Lance accepts full responsibility for his actions and has assured me that something like this will never happen again,” Fudge wrote. Is a brutal murder “something like” a brutal beating? If so, Lance obviously lied to Fudge.

“Lance Mason is a good man who made a very bad mistake. I can only hope that you can see in Lance what I and others see,” concluded Fudge.

A mistake is forgetting to turn the oven off or confusing “their” and “there.” This bastard punched his wife in the face 20 times, which was a deliberate act of violence and hatred.

Democrats are hypocrites and constantly protect their own when they are accused of horrible things. Marcia Fudge defending a convicted wife beater, who is now accused of murder, is not out of character and normally wouldn’t be a big deal. This time, however, it could affect Fudge’s future plans as she is considering challenging Nancy Pelosi for the House Speaker position.

CNN reports:

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi continues to project confidence that she will be elected speaker of the US House of Representatives when the new Democratic-led Congress starts in January — but she faces a potential challenger in Rep. Marcia Fudge.

Fudge, an Ohio Democrat, has publicly said she is considering jumping into the race for speaker, though she has yet to announce a final decision.

Democrats wouldn’t normally care that Fudge supports a wife-beater/killer, but in this case, they’ll make an exception. They’ll feign outrage over this as an excuse to vote against her challenge so they don’t look racist for maintaining the Democratic Party’s white majority leadership.

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