Meghan Attacks Melania’s ‘Offensive’ Clothes, Fed Up Audience Makes Her Regret It

Meghan McCain returned to The View this week with a real hatred for First Lady Melania Trump. Ever since her father passed away, Meghan has sounded a lot like a vicious Trump hater. Yesterday, the former Fox host lashed out at Melania, saying her fashion choices in Africa aren’t “the message that we as Americans should send.” Well, the fed up audience immediately made Meghan regret it. Don’t miss this.

Meghan McCain (left), Audience pictured for representational purposes only (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Meghan McCain has gone over to the dark side. We all watched with shock as she delivered her father’s eulogy with obvious hits at the Trump administration. In fact, John McCain’s many funerals and memorials had one theme: hatred for President Donald Trump.

Some of us thought Meghan would tone down the Trump bashing, but we were wrong. And for all the things to trash our first lady for, Meghan chooses Melania’s fashion choices. We can’t make this stuff up, folks. We should point out that this entire bash-fest of Melania on The View was Meghan’s idea.

Breitbart reports, “Thursday on ABC’s The View, after a heated discussion on the #MeToo movement the ladies moved on to First Lady Melania Trump wearing a pith helmet while in Africa.”

Meghan McCain said, “So I brought this up because there are so many different elements to this. Number one, this is her [Melania] first solo trip—she did a press spray, which is when you’re a politician standing in front of a group of reporters. She said, ‘Concentrate on what I say, not what I wear.’ But the problem is when you’re wearing things like this [pith helmut], which is very charged because it’s a symbol of British colonialism.”

The people of Africa loved Melania. Picking on Melania for looking stunning seems a little petty, like something a 12-year-old mean girl would whine about. But I digress. Then, McCain has to bring her mother into it, really proving this about John McCain losing his bid for the White House. This is the old green-eyed monster named jealousy, plain and simple.

Meghan goes on, “My mother does a lot of philanthropy in Africa—she travels there all the time—never would be caught dead wearing this under these kind of circumstances and I think when I try and give Melania so much leg room and I really really really try with her, I just don’t understand her fashion choices. And our first lady’s fashion choices are political. It was political when Jackie O decided to wear a French designer instead of an American designer. The clothes that our first ladies wear are political choices. I just wish whoever is in charge would maybe think a little more.”

New York Post front page (left), Melania Trump wearing “pith helmet” in Africa (right) (Photo Credit: New York Post, Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Well, The View’s audience watching at home was offended by Meghan McCain. Cathy Holladay tweeted, “To the hags on the view… SHUT UP! Especially @WhoopiGoldberg Not everything is about race. I remember when u got pissed bc a tennis shoe company didnt want you & your whole family. YOUR NOT SPECIAL! @MeghanMcCain SHUT UP! ONLY IDIOTS WATCH @TheView.”

There were many sounding off against Meghan McCain, like Twitter user “Cajun Kitten” who posted, “Meghan McCain has stooped really low to be on this show. She needs to look at what she’s wearing on the show today it’s far worse than what Melania was wearing. Those flowers are tacky and cheap top and bottom. And Whoopie always looks like a bag lady.”

People were really upset about Meghan’s newfound hatred of our first lady. “Libran6” tweeted, “@MeghanMcCain You are an idiot in the form of your father! Someone wrote today that one day you’ll be long gone but Melania will still be known as the most intelligent and beautiful First Ladies! Choke on that!!”

There was so much backlash against Meghan McCain that there is no doubt she got the message loud and clear: leave Melania alone. If Meghan’s going to act like a spoiled school girl who is so jealous that Melania got the gig as the first lady, then maybe she needs to learn to keep it to herself.

Hopefully, this backlash will register with the shrews of The View. Melania Trump is most compared to Jackie Kennedy for a reason. Melania’s fashion sense is pure class, and she has brought grace and beauty back into the White House. She will go down in the history books as one of our nation’s most spectacular first ladies, and Meghan McCain and her buddies on The View will long be forgotten.

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