Meghan & The View Claim Saying ‘Crooked Hillary’ Caused Bomb Scare, Made Regret It

Meghan McCain led The View today by doubling down on blaming President Donald Trump for the so-called pipe bomb scare. McCain claims that anyone who referred to Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary,” including herself, needs to apologize for causing the “polarization” in the country today. Joy Behar added that Trump supporters were scared of losing their “white privilege.” Now, The View is totally regretting exposing themselves as the real problem in America today. Don’t miss this.

Whoopi Goldberg (left), Meghan McCain (middle), Joy Behar (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshots)

Meghan McCain keeps talking about “going through a devasting time” and that she must live up to her father’s “standards.” With that in mind, she is now attempting to shame President Donald Trump and all Trump supporters who called Hillary Clinton by the nickname “Crooked Hillary.”

Of course, McCain also joined the other shrews on The View by doubling down on blaming President Trump for the so-called pipe bombs sent to his biggest political enemies. It’s quite funny since the Republicans refused to play the blame game when a real shooter almost killed Rep. Steve Scalise.

But, I digress. A tearful McCain said, “Last year on the show I said, ‘I hate Hillary Clinton.’ And, I called her ‘Crooked Hillary,’ and it’s one of the things I regret doing. Because I contributed … because hate isn’t something that should be coming out of my mouth about someone of a different political persuasion. So, I would like to hold myself to the same standard I would like to hold the president to … just like my father did.”

This is just lame. Politics is a rough and tumble blood sport. No, not violent, but it’s very, very vicious. People are called all kinds of names, and that’s the least of the viciousness. Right after Meghan had her mea culpa moment, Joy Behar chimed in with some doozies.

“This event that happened [the bomb scare] feels like we are losing the country, losing something. And, I was thinking the other side [Republicans] thinks that too. The other side feels they are losing ‘white privilege,’ let’s say, or that immigrants are going to take over,said big mouth Behar.

Meghan then got very upset about the Democrats getting pipe bombs, exclaiming, “We have lost compassion. And, the idea that Joe Biden has a bomb … a suspicious package sent to his home, it is just … come on! Where are we at politically that this spiraling out of control?”

Maybe she can thank Hillary Clinton, who said, “That’s why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But, until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.” We don’t recall President Trump calling for his base to engage in uncivil protests, also known as mob violence.

This rhetoric on The View was all pointed at President Trump and Trump supporters as the ones to blame for wonderful people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, who have threatened real violence, getting pipe bombs that didn’t go off. Well, Rush Limbaugh just made The View regret how they just keep ramping up the blame game on Trump and the 63 million Americans who support him.

“So, Trump has targeted these people, and somebody out there is following Trump’s instructions and sending the bombs! I have to point this out. There’s not a single bomb that’s gone off yet. There’s not a single bomb that’s even had a false alarm yet. There’s no smoke that’s come out of any bomb,” Rush said sarcastically.

“Let’s be honest. That’s what they’re [leftists] trying to portray. These bombs were made by some banjo-strumming Trump voter in the jungles of Georgia who has Deliverance on a 24-hour loop. And, they were supposed to be lucky that the average Trump voter is so stupid that you can’t make a bomb that will go off. It takes a lot of expertise to make a bomb like this, that looks like an idiot did it, but you know, isn’t going to go off. The whole thing would be blown to smithereens if one of these bombs went off. They’re not designed to go off,” Limbaugh concluded.

Rush Limbaugh is exposing those on the left, like the shrews on The View, who continue to blame President Trump and his supporters for these ridiculous bombs, as the real problem. It’s universally known that everyone condemns bomb threats and violence.

Instead of ratcheting down the hate, The View has a knack of ramping it up. Thus, we can only conclude that their Trump Derangement Syndrome makes them unable to see this situation clearly and they really are part of the bigger problem we face in America. We must not be guilted into shutting our mouths; that’s their goal. Share this information and make sure on November 6th the so-called blue wave fizzles out and the red tsunami crashes all over this great nation.

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