Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Trump’s Asylum Ban, Ugliness Erupts At The Border

If President Donald Trump does anything, a liberal activist judge will put a halt to it. In response to the migrant caravan heading for our gates, President Trump clarified that people entering the United States illegally will not be allowed to apply for asylum. An Obama appointed judge in San Francisco has temporarily barred the administration from denying asylum claims from people who sneak into our country. Now, things are getting ugly at the border.

US/Mexico border (Photo credit: DHS)

The non-shocker of the year is this lawsuit was brought by the deceptively named American Civil Liberties Union.

When thousands of Central Americans set out from Guatemala earlier this year with the stated purpose of forcing their way into America, President Trump implored them to turn back, saying they would not be allowed to enter.

After the migrant caravan pushed its way into Mexico, it was clear this group was a genuine threat to the US. On November 9, Trump issued a proclamation that anyone who crossed into the US illegally would be denied asylum.

Fox News reports that the ACLU along with the Center for Constitutional Rights sued President Trump to block this order. Naturally, they filed the suit in the hyper-liberal US District Court in San Francisco, because they knew they’d get a favorable ruling against anything President Trump does. Predictably Judge Jon S. Tigar, appointed by Obama in 2012, ruled in favor of the ACLU and issued a temporary restraining order barring the administration from refusing any asylum claims.

“Individuals are entitled to asylum if they cross between ports of entry. It couldn’t be clearer,” said Baher Azmy, one of the lefty lawyers involved in the case.

It actually could be a lot more clear. Nobody is entitled to asylum in the US unless he or she has a legitimate claim of asylum, which none of these Central American migrants have. Their countries may be crappy and they may be poor, but asylum is for people from war and disaster zones, not because they want to get into our country and mooch off of our generous social programs.

This ruling comes at a terrible time because the barbarians are preparing to storm the gates. Many of these migrants are already in Tijuana, Mexico, and there is intelligence that they are planning to bum rush the San Ysidro port of entry in California. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen sounded the alarm on Monday:

The ACLU doesn’t care that our Southern border may be compromised, they want these migrants in the country as fast as possible and registered as Democrat voters. This has nothing to do with Americans or civil liberties because none of these migrants are American nor do they have the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Considering that the ACLU now deals almost exclusively in protecting the nonexistent rights of illegal foreign nationals, they should at least change the name of their organization. Maybe a compliant of false advertising to the Better Business Bureau would do it.

With this ruling, a liberal Obama-appointed judge is really saying that the United States of America has absolutely no right to enforce its immigration laws or to defend its borders from hostile invaders. The left, the ACLU included, portrayed Trump’s order as an attack on our democracy, which is ridiculous, but the ruling against that order is definitely an attack on our sovereignty.

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