Obama Claims Trump Has ‘Mommy Issues’ & America Is Failing, Gets Big Reality Check

Barack Obama is once again lashing out at President Donald Trump, but this time he has gone too far. Speaking at the “Obama Summit” in Chicago Monday night, Barack suggested that Trump has “mommy issues” which makes him incapable of fixing America’s problems. Barack also claimed the United States was better off when he was in charge. The former president trashed Trump further, but it backfired as he got a big reality check.

Barack Obama (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Barack Obama took the stage at Chicago’s Mariott Marquis hotel for an event called the Obama Summit. The former president’s aides recommended this was not a good time to hold this summit, but Obama wouldn’t listen. He can’t stand not being the center of attention in American politics.

The Atlantic reports, “The original plan for this year didn’t include another summit. Between the midterms and Michelle Obama’s book tour, Barack Obama’s advisers thought it would conflict and complicate what he was doing. But [Obama] insisted on it.”

Obama used this summit as one big bully pulpit to attack President Trump. The 57-year-old former community organizer wouldn’t mention the president by name. But everyone knew exactly who he was talking about when he brought up “racism” and “mommy issues.”

Barack said the answers already exist to solve many of the problems facing both the U.S. and the world, but that the nation was not making progress “because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.”

The Daily Mail reports, “And in another dig at Trump on Monday, Obama suggested the US was a better place before he was sworn into office. In a conversation with author Dave Eggers, Obama also repeated his belief that if you could choose a time and place to be born, you would choose the US.”

Then, Obama amended that thought and said, “You’d choose now – or maybe two years ago.” Well, once again the former president can’t accept the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Barack is slapping 63 million Americans in the face with his vile rhetoric that is not based in reality.

But there’s more. Obama continued stirring up racist propaganda directed at Trump and anyone who supports him. He maintained that what prevents change is the “people involved.” Then he asked, “Do we care about these kids? Because maybe we don’t…They look a little different to us.

Obama also urged community organizers and social innovators to be patient in their pursuits of wide-scale change. “You can remake the world right now because it badly needs remaking,” Barack said.

This is a direct reference to Fabian socialism which is what Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky based his philosophy on. This idea of “remaking the world” is just like Obama’s motto of “transforming America.” And it is an extremely dangerous ideology.

In fact, the Fabian Society’s original emblem was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They also have a creepy stain-glassed window showing two men remaking the world by “molding the world to their hearts’ desire.” Their willingness to spin lies in defense of socialism extended into every sphere of their activity. These are the globalists/socialists and their biggest enemy is President Donald Trump.

Fabian Society emblem wolf in sheep’s clothing (left), Fabian Society stain-glassed window depicting two men “molding the world to their own heart’s desire” (right) (Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Fabian Society)

These rabid socialists in America aren’t even hiding anymore with Democrats like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez running as a Democratic Socialist. Even though the former president isn’t yet ready to call himself a “Democratic Socialist,” everything Barack said at the Obama Summit is textbook Marxism.

There are big money backers like George Soros who funds a list of organizations all with one goal in mind: to remake America into a globalist socialist state. And their number one enemy is President Trump. This is why even though the midterms are over, we see Barack Obama front and center blatantly attacking Trump.

If you thought the 2016 presidential race was intense, you ain’t seen nothing yet. These snakes, these globalists like Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire philanthropist, is getting ready to announce he’ll run against Trump. And it’s going to get ugly with Obama as the unofficial Democratic spokesman.

Barack Obama’s reality check is that Americans are no longer in the dark about his motives or those big money backers he represents. And it’s rich that the former community organizer says Trump has “mommy issues,” when it is well-known Barack’s mother abandoned him when he was 10-years-old, sending him to live in Hawaii with her parents.

President Trump had a great relationship with his mother, who was of Scottish descent. But Obama can’t say the same. As much as Barack and the Democrats tried to clean up his mother’s image, the truth came out. She was part of the anti-American communist crowd.

The truth is Americans rejected Barack Obama when we elected Donald Trump. The reality the 44th president can’t seem to grasp is Americans didn’t want the continuation of Obama’s failed presidency. He had eight years to “transform” America. That’s why Barack and his cohorts hate the “Make America Great Again” slogan. It’s the exact opposite of their sick socialistic ideology.

So, Obama and his cronies are back on the warpath to destroy President Trump, and we can’t let our guard down now. We will once again be in the fight of our lives to protect our American way of life, and with God’s help, we can ensure President Trump is re-elected in 2020.

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