Obamas On Track To Billion Dollar Empire, Closer Look Leaves Americans Sickened

Whoever said “life ain’t fair” wasn’t kidding about that. The Obamas are reportedly on track to amassing a billion-dollar fortune, not because they work hard or came up with an innovative idea, but rather for simply being the Obamas. And, it’s enough to make hard-working Americans sick.

Michell and Barack Obama (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Considering that Barack Obama has never had a real job in his life, this is a particularly amazing feat. The Obamas will undoubtedly be an inspiration to millions of slacker Millennials as they are living proof that being crooked, ripping off hard-working Americans, and complaining are the true keys to financial success.

For the rest of us who bust our butts every day, The NY Post proclaiming, “The Obamas are ‘Becoming’ a billion-dollar brand” is nothing but an insult.

The Obamas are “Becoming” — billionaires.

The launch of Michelle Obama’s cross-country book tour for her new memoir, “Becoming,” last week is just the latest marker on the road to fabulous wealth for the former first couple, who are on their way to becoming a billion-dollar brand.

The Obamas got a $65 million book deal, a $50 million Netflix deal, and each rake in almost a half-million dollars for speaking engagements. On top of that, Michelle is expected to make millions on her tour, promoting her book. Plus, Barack still draws an annual presidential pension of $207,800. This cash is piling up and adding to their already inexplicable wealth.

While in the White House, the Obamas went from dead broke to a net worth of over $135 million, yet liberals accuse President Donald Trump of using the office to enrich himself. Obviously, the Clintons gave the Obamas some of their financial secrets. When Bill and Hillary left the White House, they were millions in debt, but somehow they turned that around in less than two decades to be worth over $300 million.

This fast-track to the billionaires club is particularly astounding for Barack, who has the least impressive resumé of any former POTUS. He allegedly worked at a Baskin-Robbins during his youth while growing up in Hawaii and that appears to be the last time he had an actual job.

Despite being dirt poor and having no visible means of support, Barack went to some of the best and most expensive schools in the country. There is no record of him having worked his entire college career, which brings up the question of how he managed to pay for things like books, food, and housing.

Upon graduation, Barack got a job as a financial researcher and writer for Business International Corporation but was only there for about one year. He then got a job as a “project coordinator,” but no evidence exists that he coordinated anything important. From there he became a “community organizer,” which is the most made-up job title of all time.

Barack was the editor of the Harvard Law Review but published no articles, and then, he was a part-time lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. Until he got into politics, which is not a real job either, Barack had a bunch of fancy job titles and got paid to do basically nothing.

Barack Obama being a manipulator of the system and marginally employed is not just a conservative attack on him, his own wife thought he was a loser too. In a 2016 interview, Michelle described Barack as a “bum” who “barely got his work done.” It’s not a coincidence that scientists named a parasite after Barack because he’s been a mooch his entire life.

Donald Trump built his fortune through real estate and starting businesses, which keeps money circulating in the economy and provides jobs for thousands of people. The Clinton/Obama wealth-building scheme involves creating no jobs and keeping all the money to themselves. The liberal media tells us, however, that Trump is greedy and both the Clintons and Obamas are generous contributors to society.

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