Student ‘Satanists’ Planned To Murder & ‘Drink Blood’ Of 15 Kids At School

The public school system is not only a danger to a child’s ability to develop logic and free thought, but it has also apparently become a place for “Satan-worshipers” to find murder victims.

Bartown Police Chief Joe Hall spoke at a news conference yesterday, explaining that an 11 and 12-year-old pair of students at the local middle school planned to murder “at least 15 people” and “were willing to drink blood, and possibly eat flesh.”

Bartown Police Chief Joe Hall (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The horrifying truth was uncovered after the students were caught in the bathroom with various knives and weapons, including a pizza cutter.

Hall stated the two were found waiting in the bathroom for an opportunity to find smaller kids that they could overpower to be their victims.

“As I sat there last night [and] watched these interviews, I do not believe this was a joke,” Hall said.

Hall explained that there had been rumors on Monday about “issues” at the public school. One student had warned her teacher that “something bad” was about to occur, so the school added extra officers on Tuesday.

After the 11-year-old did not show up to her second-period class, her mom was sent an automated phone message informing her of the absence, the police chief explained. The child’s mother then called the school and told administrators that she believed her daughter was there, which resulted in an immediate search of the campus.

Apparently, one of the assistant principals found the duo in a bathroom, waiting for their first victim, holding a goblet, Hall explained. The woman brought both girls to the principal’s office.

Christopher Roberts, the principal, ordered the 11-year-old to empty her pockets. She was carrying a “paring knife and a sharpener.” When he asked why she had the weapon, the student allegedly admitted the plan to attack as many other students as possible.

When officials searched the other girl, they found several knives and the pizza cutter.

Hall explained after watching the interviews with detectives, “I believe that these two small children . . . seriously sat down and plotted to do serious bodily harm to another student at school.”

After the girls were arrested, police searched the 12-year-old’s home and discovered a hand-drawn map of the school stating, “Go to kill in bathroom.”

In conversations on the students’ phones, the girls discussed committing suicide after leaving their classmates’ body parts near the school’s entrance.

“Thank Satan we are doing this in a bit,” the 12-year-old allegedly wrote in a social media message the day before.

The students’ parents were allegedly clueless about the plan. The pair were close friends and had just spent the weekend together.

Many people wonder how two children, at this age, could possibly plan such an attack without their parents’ knowledge.

“I don’t think either one of them was a ringleader,” the police chief said, adding, “I think they were both in it together.”

The two students have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of a weapon on school property and disrupting a school campus. However, local officials have not determined whether they will face justice as adults or minors.

“If you were an adult, you’d be looking at potential life in prison,” Hall explained. “In this case, I think the state is going to step in and try to make the best decisions for both the public and the two suspects.”

Polk County Schools Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd said during the news conference that the district will be filing for expulsion, causing many parents to sleep a little easier.

The police chief and Byrd both stated that all safety protocols worked, and the phrase, “If you see something, say something,” was effective.

Thank God for that.

However, Byrd did not explain how the girls were able to bring those weapons to the school… that aspect of the incident was ignored.

Although Hall mentioned “mental health issues,” oftentimes when evil is exposed, it is generally swept under the rug using the phrase “mental health problems.” There is no doubt these children have warped ideas, but they got them from somewhere.