Sharpton Says Trump ‘Used Young Blacks As Props,’ POTUS Gives Him Nasty Surprise

Reverend Al Sharpton is frothing at the mouth, spitting mad as he watches his grip on the African American community dwindle. Sharpton is a carnival barker who makes a living ratcheting up racial divide in America. He can only watch in horror as his worst nightmare comes true, thanks to President Donald Trump. Sharpton claimed that Trump “used young blacks as props,” after the president blasted him with a nasty surprise he never saw coming. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump (left), Al Sharpton (right) (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Reverend Al Sharpton is watching his reign of ramping up racial divide in America come to an end. Many young African-Americans are breaking the chains of the Democratic Party as they realize they were sold a lie by charlatans like Sharpton.

NBC reports, “Friday, in front of hundreds of young black conservatives attending a leadership summit at the White House, Trump recalled members of his campaign telling him the question was disrespectful to African-Americans.”

“I said, ‘What’s disrespectful? What the hell do you have to lose?’ What’s disrespectful?” Trump told the lively crowd. “And then I said it over and over at every speech. And you know what, my poll numbers, you saw, with African-Americans went up, up, up, up. Because [African-Americans] started saying, ‘He’s right.”

The Daily Caller reports, “President Trump’s son, Don Jr., addressed the first annual Turning Point USA Young Black Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C., on Thursday evening.”

The summit featured hundreds of young black conservative students from across the country who gathered to hear from conservative black leaders, members of the administration, President Trump and his family. Don Jr. opened up the event with a speech about the president’s accomplishments for all Americans, including black Americans.

Well, Sharpton was caught off guard. He watched in horror as his worst nightmare came true. Sharpton lashed back, as Fox News reports, “Al Sharpton said President Trump’s Young Black Leadership Summit was ‘shameful,’ and he accused the president of ‘using” young African-American conservatives as ‘props.'”

Appearing on MSNBC, Sharpton said Friday’s White House “photo op” was “among the lowest things” that Trump could do. He said Trump used the event as a campaign rally, instead of discussing the issues that are important to black youth, such as criminal justice reform, student loan debt and the gun violence epidemic in Chicago.

“They’re in there talking about ‘CNN sucks,’ they’re in there talking about ‘build a wall.’ So why do you need a young black summit to do it?” Sharpton said. “Because it was not a summit. It was a Make America Great [Again] rally. They used some young blacks as props, which really is an insult to them.”

His epic meltdown caused an instant reaction by black Trump supporters.

Turning Point USA’s Brandon Tatum blasted Sharpton, explaining how they funded the young black leaders by paying for their hotel and plane fare, something the Rev. Al would never do. Tatum shamed Sharpton, saying, “This was an awesome event. Four hundred black leaders from across the country were able to be in the White House and hear from the president.”

“And I want Al Sharpton to be watching this network and hearing me clearly,” Tatum said. “As a strong black man raised by a black father, I’m telling Al Sharpton to his face he should be ashamed of himself…and I want to set the record straight. The White House was one day out of a four-day summit where these young people were inspiring and doing exactly what they wanted to do. Anybody who has a problem with that is not respectable to the African-American community…this country belongs to us, too.”

If the Democrats lose hold of the black community, it will be a disaster for them. This is why Barack Obama and his cronies in the legacy media continue to call Trump “a racist.” Now, we see these young black leaders thinking for themselves and getting a history lesson about who really are their slave masters.

The Democrats need to keep the African-Americans in the ghetto locked into welfare to ensure their vote. Planned Parenthood can be found on almost every corner in the ghetto. The founder Margaret Sanger’s goal was a black genocide, which the Democrats supported. As more and more in the black community wake up, hucksters like Al Sharpton will no longer be relevant, and the Democrats will no longer be able to win.

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