Sarah Silverman Attacks Trump For Skipping WWI Memorial, He Makes Her Regret It

When President Donald Trump does something, or in this case doesn’t do something, it triggers a violent and angry reaction on the left. Over the weekend, Trump was slated to visit a military cemetery in France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Due to dangerous weather conditions, the President had to cancel this trip. Comedian Sarah Silverman was so offended that she laid down a carpet-bombing of profanity, but she would soon come to regret those words.

Sarah Silverman and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: I Love You, America, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

President Trump traveled to France to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the allies victory in WWI. As USA Today reports, a trip to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial was on the itinerary, but severe thunderstorms forced Trump to cancel.

Unfunny comedian Sarah Silverman decided to offer her unwanted opinion on the matter. Here is her emotional reaction to a thing that she really doesn’t care about other than it involves Trump:

She’s as classy as she is beautiful, isn’t she? Apologies for the language, but if Twitter doesn’t consider this profane harassment to be a violation of their terms of service, it must be okay. Then again all social media rules tend to excuse liberal terribleness while punishing conservative truth.

Clearly, Silverman and the Trump haters were not happy. After there was sufficient manufactured liberal outrage over this, Trump explained the decision in a tweet:

Barack Obama’s former National Security Council advisor, Tommy Vietor, called shenanigans on Trump, saying his explanation was “a lie.” Obama’s stooge asserted that the Secret Service “advises on security but the President makes the final call,” adding, “he chose to skip the memorial.”

It is the opinion of both Vietor and Silverman that Trump is lying that the helicopter couldn’t fly and that the Secret Service advised against making the trip by motorcade. The liberal media fact-checkers won’t touch this with a ten-foot pole because they only question the truthfulness of conservative statements, but luckily The Liberty Times has your back.

President Trump was slated to fly to the cemetery in an HMX-1 Marine helicopter. Despite what the liberals are saying, the pilot of one these makes the last call on whether it’s going to fly or not. If the pilot says the weather conditions are too dangerous, the helicopter stays grounded. Period. It doesn’t matter that Donald Trump is the President of the United States, he couldn’t have gotten this helicopter off the ground with an executive order.

As for the motorcade thing, the Secret Service does extensive advanced planning to ensure the safety of the President on any outing. The original plan was for Trump to fly to the cemetery, but after that was scrapped, there was no time to come up with a safe plan B.

Trump can’t just jump in his golf cart and go down to McDonald’s for some McNuggets, the route has to be cleared and the area secured. This was in a foreign country with many hostile factions so there was no way the Secret Service was going to ad-lib a spontaneous motorcade. The real complaint that liberals have with Trump canceling his cemetery visit is that he didn’t unnecessarily put his life at risk.

Liberals are so upset the American people rejected their preferred candidate in 2016 that anything Trump does causes them to melt down. The President could come up with a plan to give free puppies and citizenship to illegal immigrants and the left would scream that he’s the most racist monster since Adolf Hitler. There is no pleasing these insane people, and we should all stop trying to do it.

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